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Re: [Distillers] wash

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  • Ian Macsween
    Yes, you add the undiluted grape concentrate - right out of the container. I have not tried this method for wines that I have prepared for distillation yet -
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      Yes, you add the undiluted grape concentrate - right out of the container.  I have not tried this method for wines that I have prepared for distillation yet - but it worked exceptionally well in a 40 litre batch of blueberry wine that I made.  The grape concentrate added that "little something" that resulted in a lovely fruity tasting wine. I am going to try it in my next batch of blackberry wash that I will be preparing for pot still distillation.
      I have a batch of apple wine on the go that I intend to distill.  I used champagne yeast for the first time - the fermentation is incredibly slow when compared to similar batches that I have made using pot distiller's yeast or turbo yeast - but I have been told the wine will retain a better flavour with the champagne yeast.
      I have never tried regular wine yeast in a plain sugar wash - I will be interested in hearing the results.  I expect you will have to add sufficient nutrients to compensate for the natural nutrients in fruit washes.  I have learned that even turbo washes can get stuck if you get greedy and add too much sugar!  My most successful sugar washes have occurred when I did not add all the sugar at the same time.  I just finished adding a couple more kilos of sugar to a 50 litre wash I started two days ago - that wash certainly fizzed up nicely!  I will be adding the rest of the sugar in increments over the next day or two.  I have also found out that even the most successful turbo washes are not finished in the 5 days the packet suggests.  More like 2 weeks before it stops fermenting - and I clarify it!  My washes are kept at a fairly constant temperature of 20 - 22 degrees Celsius.  Good luck!
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      I was hopping to start a conversation on sugar washes so we can all learn from each other what is working good and what is not working so good maybe even a few of us have some great recipes that we want to share! I have just started a batch of the following and I am having great success with the attached recipe that I found off of the Internet and Iam only using a regular Champaign yeast not a turbo. The wash smells great as it has been fermenting!

      Have any of you tried this recipe? I have one question about the ingredient, It calls for . 5 liters of grape juice concentrate. I am not sure if that is . 5 liters of actual grape juice concentrate before you would add the water to it or if it is . 5 liters of no water added grape juice concentrate?


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