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Re: Fermentable Question

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  • nonamedistiller
    ... still ... it - I ... then ... Take it ... in ... Thanks waldo... thanks for the reply as always, And after seeing that post from the baker, and now yours.
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 2, 2009
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      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "jamesonbeam1"
      <jamesonbeam1@...> wrote:
      > Heck Nameless,
      > If you have one of those old Coke jugs made during the time they
      > used Coca plants, and the label is still good with concentrate in
      it - I
      > would check it out some more - might be worth a hell of a lot more
      > just using it to try and ferment. Same thing I told a Guy that was
      > trying to use an old Gregorian copper pitcher to distill with -
      Take it
      > to an APPRAISER !!!. (too bad the took all the cocaine out of it -
      > earlier times it still would a been there. [:(]
      > Vino es Veritas,
      > Jim aka Waldo.

      Thanks waldo...
      thanks for the reply as always, And after seeing that post from
      the baker, and now yours. I do believe your right. (Like normal).
      So I shall seek out an appraiser and see what they think, After all
      the four full ones still have the seal on them, That hasn't ever been
      broken.. But only one of them has the full Intact lable. The others
      have there lables but their only on there by the corners, Barely
      holding on. But looking on ebay, I seen some of these jugs empty
      that were going for 70 bucks and up. With out lids but the lables on
      them were all perfect. that was the only reason I didn't think these
      would be worth to much, Even my empties aren't in that good of a
      shape. I did However look them over real good this morning, SInce
      it was late last night after getting home from cleaning out the barn,
      And found that 6 of the jugs were pepsi jugs. There all emptys
      though, None of them were full, Even if they were, They don't have
      any instructions or ingredants list on them..
      On the other hand, I am going back today to that ol shed to see
      what else we can find, (sure hope to find Pops ol Copper still) but I
      doubt it. If by chance I do find some more of these jugs, I hope
      there older ones, (Not much on drugs by no means at all) But from
      the sounds of it, They would be worth a lot more, Huh..

      Any how, if worse comes to worse, And I find out that there not
      worth as much as I thought., or want,, Do you think that it could be
      fermented, Or should I just put these on the self and let them be..
      I can always use the empties for storage, With out hurting
      I suppose the first step shall be to go find out what they are
      truely worth.. (Hopeing for the best)..
      Since I am going to be holding up on this little project, I did find
      another nice thing in the shed last night,

      Can honey go bad, The reason I ask this, We found a load of honey,
      haven't weighed it or anything, But I bet I have atleast 100 pounds
      of the stuff, we found 48 quarts And 6 one gallon Jugs(regular Glass
      jugs Nothing special) of honey,(boy I do say Honey is heavy stuff)
      But it didn't have any dates or anything on it, So I couldn't even
      guess at how old it is.. So I'm asking for the run down.
      Visual inspection looks normal. Nothing hard or crusty on or in the
      honey, Exept in the gallon Jugs, It has a peice of the comb in there
      with it.
      If this is not bad and usable, Then I shall be making my first
      mead, Something I didn't ever think I would try to make, But its
      free its for me..
      Thanks for your tip about the syrup. Sure would hate to
      ferment it then find out it was worth thousands or something:):) That
      wouldn't have been cool.. Hopeing for the best. Nameless
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