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Re: Brazing rods

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  • pugs2510
    ... particular. ... the right stuff. I found the best deal local to me at an appliance store (the kind of place you d buy a replacement element for a stove,
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 28, 2009
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      > Mason, your link took me to a list of their products, not one in
      > But in my area, the hardware stores and tractor stores don't carry
      the right stuff. I found the best deal local to me at an appliance
      store (the kind of place you'd buy a replacement element for a
      stove, or a part for a dishwasher). They sold 5% and 15% silver
      solder (I used 15%) by the individual stick at very reasonable
      prices. The only other local places I found started at a 1/2 pound,
      way more than I needed.
      > It took 2 partial sticks to build my x-flow, but you might could
      do it with one stick. My work sucked and I kind of ended up just
      globing the rod on the surface and melting it around. Not the best
      way to work, but it was my first brazing attempt and I was halfway
      done before I realized that the big tip on my MAPP torch actually
      works better than my smaller oxy and MAPP torch. I coulda saved a
      couple tanks of oxygen if I'd known that to begin with. I probably
      used less than 1/3 as much solder on the other end once I figured it
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      > Subject: [new_distillers] Brazing rods
      > Harry, Riku, Sherman?
      > Getting this Crossflow build going and I was wondering if these
      > were OK to use. They read to be Cadmium and lead free and they
      > readily available at the local tractor supply or ace hardware.
      > instructions Harry recommend Prosilver2.
      > http://www.selectrode.com/MsdsProduct.aspx
      > I have tried these on sample copper pieces with a Mapp torch and
      > seem to work well.
      > Mason
      sounds like you are on the right track, however look up
      soldering .silver solder needs hotter heat than lead ,any way u need
      to prep the joint sanding and flux put the joint togather heat until
      the silver solder melts and sucks its self into the joint .

      later pugs
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