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Re: Cooling Water

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  • edbar44
    ... my coolant line. It s 50 of 1/2 tube. The 1/2 size offers little resistance to my pump (although I have no idea how much resistance a radiator
    Message 1 of 28 , Jan 27, 2009
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      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "Zapata Vive" <zapatavive@...>
      > I make beer so I have a wort chiller. I use it like a radiator on
      my coolant line. It's 50' of 1/2 tube. The 1/2" size offers little
      resistance to my pump (although I have no idea how much resistance a
      radiator causes). I blow a fan over it to help keep it cool. Works
      great, no need for ice.
      > But at first I didn't think it'd be enough. So at first I put it
      inside a mini-fridge I have. To increase the cooling I left a small
      computer sized fan blowing air around in the fridge. This was
      overkill for me, but may be necessary for others.
      > Some general thoughts.
      > 1. Pumps make heat. Plumb it so it isn't submerged (if it'll work
      like that) and it will heat your water less.
      > 2. 5 gallons is a really small reservoir. A larger reservoir like
      a trashcan or something will work a lot better.
      > 3. Evaporation cools things down, if you have low humidity (lucky
      you), a fan over the surface of the reservoir might help more than you
      > 4. Think dual use. If you are thinking of buying something,
      combine it with another purpose. Don't tear up a fridge just to cool
      a bucket, use the fridge for fermentation temp control too. Or a beer
      fridge. Or something.

      I saw a post about using an oil cooler and thought it was a good idea
      so I set one up, works like a charm, no ice, small fan keeps the water
      cool enough and I'm using less than 5 gallons, of course, that may
      change when summer comes since it is very cold here now but I expect
      it'll be fine. Threw away all my 2 liter plastic bottles and recovered
      some freezer space in the mean time. Since I was eager to try out the
      oil cooler concept, I bid on several on EBay and got all three, one
      has an integral fan but is smaller, got these things for less than
      $50. each.
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