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Re: Stirling Liquid Managment

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  • Trid
    ... what temp it should be at when stable.. That s a pretty nifty idea you ve got going on. The theory is sound, but as for any quantifiable proof that it
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 25, 2009
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      > Hello Guys,
      > I am back for my Next Dram award,LOL
      > Looking for a little input from the masters of physics Here, Sure
      > hope someone can help, As this is something that I am really interested
      > in.. I have been playing around with a smaller unit like this one,
      > you guys may have already seen these and figured out that its more
      > trouble than its worth, But I was thinking, that with all the heat
      > that my boiler puts off, And in the articals that I have read on the
      > stirling liquid pistions units. 175 is the best temp to run these units
      > at. As soon as I read that, I thought about my still head and
      what temp it should be at when stable..

      That's a pretty nifty idea you've got going on. The theory is sound,
      but as for any quantifiable proof that it will work...I'm coming up
      empty. I'd say give it a shot and see what happens.
      On the simplest side, an electric pump is likely to be more efficient
      and reliable. However, as we've undertaken this hobby, we're not
      necessarily interest in the easiest way about things :)

      I'll have to chew on the idea and reacquaint myself with the
      fundamental principles of Stirling engines. My initial reservation is
      that there might not be enough power behind the pistons to either
      drive sufficient water or be geared up to spin a pump impeller to get
      some flow going.

      HOWEVER, depending on what sort of space you're got your setup in,
      there could be a mix of convection and the stirling engine to get
      sufficient flow. There are a number of considerations, but I want to
      give it enough coherent thought (been samplin' today and my attention
      is not what it should be).

      I do like the idea. Ideally, the waste heat would be sufficient to
      power it, but it might even require cranking the flame/electricity to
      keep it running. That would defeat the purpose.

      -rambling on...and presently cogitating. Back with more input soon
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