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  • rye_junkie1
    ... i dont type and it takes too long for me to put caps where they belong so youll have to accept all lowercase. ok with you mason? i appreciate your advice
    Message 1 of 7 , Dec 28, 2008
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      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, RICK DOUGLAS <moparacer48@...>
      > this is the "new distillers group", right? i apologize for the caps.
      i dont type and it takes too long for me to put caps where they belong
      so youll have to accept all lowercase. ok with you mason? i appreciate
      your advice to split my batch. ill give you a little more detailed
      information about what i actually have. i set this wash up the eve of
      the 26th.as i stated, my goal was to have 18 0/0 when finished.
      however my wash that im dicking around with had a starting sg= 1.950
      with a potential alcohol content= 13 0/0 abv  with sugar concentration
      of 23 0/0. now i just tested again at noon. sg=1.750 potential alcohol
      dropped to 10 0/0. at that rate it should be done in about 7 more
      days, maybe. im not really in any hurry. do you think i should split
      it into 2 carboys?so is the effervessence of the wash with no foam
      head normal in this type of wash? is the yeast a bottom feeder like a
      lagar yeast? since your an advanced distiller what economical wash
      > would you personally use for a neutral spirit or vodka that would
      yield a fairly high alcohol content in a relatively short amount of
      time? i only want to set up my still, run off what i need to do and
      break it back down in the least amount of time possible because my
      space is limited and i just cant leave it set up. by the way, i posted
      a couple crappy pics of my still taken with my phone. combined with my
      description and looking at the pics, do you think its an adequate
      design for a small scale newbie? any suggestions on any improvements
      without bagging it and starting over?

      As Trid Stated your SG readings are way off. If your not in a hurry
      let it ride. Another infection is possible though. As for the lack
      of a foaming "cap", this is a sign of a slow ferment. You should be
      able to hear it from a couple of feet like a fresh poured soft drink.
      Mind you it wont build a cap like a grain or fruit mash.
      As for economy, you chose the wrong hobby. If it dont get ya here it
      will make ya pay there. Just saying. Over all I think I spend more
      on booze now than I did when I just bought it from the local ABC.
      The Booze itself is cheaper but the equipment is the money taker. I
      am sure others have had the same experience. For a inexpensive was
      though it doesnt get any easier or Cheaper than the MUM recipe. Riku
      and I developed this back in June in an attempt to make a fast
      fermenting wash made from 4 ingredients that could be found almost
      White Sugar
      Tomato Paste
      Miracle grow plant food (Yeast nutrient)
      Bakers Yeast
      I have tried it at 2 lbs/sugar per gallon of water and it ferments out
      in 5 days. BUT it makes a cleaner smelling wash and a cleaner tasting
      finished product at 7 lbs/5 gallon total volume as do most washes.
      Grain, fruit, or sugar. There is a reason why commercial distilleries
      keep their mash gravities under 1.060.
      I respect your need to do a quick run but you wont be hanging around
      this hobby for long taking that route in the beginning. You could
      easily ferment 3 MUM washes monday through friday and start stripping
      saturday morning. How many gallons does that still boiler hold?
      Three of those washes at 7 lbs each will give you 3 gallon of low
      wines for spirit runs on sunday. You really need to run it 3 even
      four time through to get even close to neutral in a pot still. I
      looked at your pics. Its adequate and will do the job, with
      patience. Vodka at the hobby level is easiest with a reflux still.
      Here is what you would need to do.
      Strip everything to 208-212F(anymore I go to 212F)
      second run discard everything that come out before 172F, then collect
      to 203F
      3rd run discard everything that come out before 172F and collect to 186F
      4th run discard everything that come out before 172F and collect to
      181F you will wind up with just over a gallon of 90% booze. Diluted
      to 45% abv thats over 2 gallons of near hangover proof booze and your
      taking your still down late sunday afternoon.
      Damn, that even reads easy.

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