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Re: Best of the season

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  • jamesonbeam1
    Now Now Andy, One thing my Grandma told me was never discuss Politics, Religion or Monetary Invesments in Social Circles hehe, so lets git back to the real
    Message 1 of 7 , Dec 26, 2008

      Now Now Andy,

      One thing my Grandma told me was never discuss Politics, Religion or Monetary Invesments in Social Circles hehe, so lets git back to the real problems (solutions) at hand - that of changing the digestive disgards of them little yeasties into something us humans can consume with great joy....;)

      Vino es Veritas,

      Jim aka Waldo.

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      > Shit.....all I did was wish everyone the best of the season.
      > Bwyze
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      > >
      > > Blessed be all this you winter Solstice, Yule, Alban Arthan, Feill
      > Fionnain,
      > > Yuletide, Midwinter, Sun Return, and Fionn's Day but in history that
      > was on
      > > the 21 and I still wonder how it got moved to the 25 as Christianity has
      > > firm roots into paganism.
      > >
      > > as Christmas observances; decorated evergreen trees, wreaths, holly,
      > > mistletoe, feasting, and dancing came from the fact early Christianity
      > > celebrated all the same pre-existing Pagan holidays.
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > And not it not because Christ was born this day as that been
      > disproven by
      > > scripture from the dead sea scrolls Christ was either born in the
      > spring or
      > > fall as a record spoke of the high pastures being open for sheep
      > during his
      > > birth but the high pastures are snowed in at that time so Christ was
      > really
      > > born in the fall but the church fudged the date in 237 as many divine
      > > figures such as Mithras was born then 

      > > http://www.biblical answers.com/ Articles/ When%20Was% 20Christ% 20Born.htm
      > Yea,yea,yea,
      > The 3 wise men weren't there either but they haven't missed a Nativity
      > scene yet.
      > For GOD so loved the WORLD that He gave His only begotten Son, That
      > Whosoever Believe in HIM should not Perish but have ever lasting Life.
      > John 3:16
      > All the rest is arguable.
      > Thread over. Lets take this one private if necessary from here.
      > Mason Jar Dixon
      > Sorry Harry, The Latest round of Gin "Made me do it".

      PS> Mason - the Three Kings did exist - their remains are stored  now in a church in Germany....  and they also found the old kindom of Balthasar in Iraq a few years back.

      A Shrine of the Three Kings at Cologne Cathedral, according to tradition, contains the bones of the Three Wise Men. Reputedly they were first discovered by Saint Helena on her famous pilgrimage to Palestine and the Holy Lands. She took the remains to the church of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople; they were later moved to Milan (some sources say by the city's bishop, Eustorgius I[21]), before being sent to their current resting place by the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I in AD 1164. The Milanese celebrate their part in the tradition by holding a medieval costume parade every 6 January. Treasures of Cologne Cathedral

      The Shrine of the Three Kings.

      The most celebrated work of art in the cathedral is the Shrine of the Three Kings, a large gilded sarcophagus dating from the 13th century, and the largest reliquary in the Western world. It is traditionally believed to hold the remains of the Three Wise Men, whose bones and 2,000-year-old clothes were discovered at the opening of the shrine in 1864.

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