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Re: beginers recipes

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  • Harry
    ... make ... etc. ... My friend, You are going to get information overload. There is so much info (and quality) surrounding this hobby now (wasn t always so).
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 29, 2008
      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "Rich Freitas"
      <richfreitas@...> wrote:
      > I'm completely new to this hobby. I've made wine for a lot of years
      > but never any other alcoholic beverage. What I'd really like to
      > is the true Austrian style schnapps ... the type distilled only from
      > fruit with nothing added. Does anyone have experience with this? I
      > really need a step-by-step guide and I would welcome any help in
      > deciding what type of still I need, how large, do I make-or-buy,
      > I really don't know where to start.

      My friend,

      You are going to get information overload. There is so much info
      (and quality) surrounding this hobby now (wasn't always so).

      Try to take it a piece at a time. Read what's available. Re-read
      again & again as you feel the need. Ask questions about specifics
      you don't understand (when you are more familiar with things via your
      reading/research). The place to start researching is here...

      The fact you have winemaking experience is a valuable plus.
      Distilling uses base fermentations similar to beer brewers &
      winemakers, but with a LOT more margin for error (perfectly sterile
      washes/mashes aren't necessary.)

      Austrian schnapps (any fruit-based spirits) is do-able. A very good
      guide by Prof. Kris Berglund is here in my Library...

      The base address for the Library is here...

      Many good books etc. in there, all free to read.

      But first you need to get some distilling experience under your
      belt. There's a lot of ways to approach that, and a lot of different
      still designs. For flavoured spirits of any persuasion you really
      need a potstill (with experience, you can use a de-tuned reflux still
      but I don't want to confuse you before we even start). The guys here
      will help in getting started with the basics.

      Get set for the ride of you life! Welcome. :)

      regards Harry
      Groups Owner
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