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Rum smell - was Re: Fw: [Distillers] Being banished ..

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  • matthewo_brien
    ... I used 100% organic molasses. 6.5kg made up to 25L. The 6.5kg was chosen as it made a wash with a SG of 1.074 - apparently the highest that yeast can
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 26, 2002
      > My current corn mash is exuding that horrible
      > yeastie/sulfury smell... usually indicates that the
      > yeast is under stress.
      > I have heard that is quite common with rum washes as
      > well.
      > What was your recipe/additives.?

      I used 100% organic molasses. 6.5kg made up to 25L. The 6.5kg was
      chosen as it made a wash with a SG of 1.074 - apparently the highest
      that yeast can cope with molasses easily (I read that somewhere,
      wrote it down, but can't find where now!).

      Anyway, the process was - Steralise the 30L fermenter. I then added
      the 6.5kg molasses to the bottom, and then 10L of boiling Brisbane
      tap water. I chose boiling water so that the molasses would be
      steralised and dissolved all at once. After about 20 minutes of
      stirring, I topped the whole thing up with just cold Brisbane tap
      water. This then went into a 4 degree fridge for 2 hours, and got
      airated the whole time from a pump inside the fridge, so cold air.
      After the 2 or so hours, the temp was down to 21 degrees C, so I then
      pitched the yeast. I used 2 sachets of EC-1118 champagne yeast,
      which was rehydrated for 15 minutes in 100mL water at 41 degrees C as
      per the instructions on the pack. This was then just dumped in the
      wash, stirred for about 5 minutes, then the fermenter went into a 20
      degree constant temp room.

      After about 12 hours it was bubbling furiously, and I then have
      stirred it every 24 hours (about five minutes stirring). After each
      stirr session, the whole thing has frothed up a fair bit, filling the
      5 - 7L headspace in the top of the fermenter.

      After 2 days, I attempted adding more mollasses, to increase the
      yield - I added about 0.5 - 1.0kg. The whole thing foamed like a
      coke bottle shaken up and opened on a hot day! I lost around 1 - 1.5
      L of the wash over the top of the fermenter and onto the floor.

      I didn't try that again.

      Its now day 13 of the ferment, and I have just stirred it up again.
      The S.G. has sat on 1.023 for the past 3 days, but it is bubbling
      slowly still at 1 bubble every 15 seconds. I plan on leaving it
      until the bubble rate is lower than 1 every 45 seconds, then the
      whole thing will go into a 4 degree fridge to settle for a couple of
      days. Then I will transfer the liquid into another fermenter,
      leaving the settled muck, and again leave it 2 days in 4 degrees to
      settle. Then, it will be time to distill!

      I'm trying to get as much suspended stuff out as possible, as I am
      going to distill it in my Nixon Stone design still, which has an
      internal element - I want to decrease the amount of stuff that can
      burn onto the element.

      OK - I thinks thats it for now! Hope that helps...


      P.S. I have a breakdown of the molasses that I got from the
      supplier - it has all the sugar types, main components etc - I'll
      post in a message after this.
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