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Re: Column packing

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  • Harry
    ... , billy.turf ... .........Reflux type stills should be insulated normally. This prevents heat
    Message 1 of 24 , Aug 31, 2008

      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "billy.turf" <billy.turf@...> wrote:
      > Harry,
      > Thanks for the clairification..
      > I thought that it was a must to insulate the colum. From your
      > comments I am thinking that maybe that isn't needed.

      .........Reflux type stills should be insulated normally.  This prevents heat losses which disrupt separation and reduce column efficiency.  However if the overhead condenser is a bit undersized for the job, you can help it by leaving off the insulation.  This will create more condensation in the column due to heat loss to air through the column.  The condensation will act as reflux.  But a better way would be to lower the heat input to match the reflux condenser's capabilities.

      The above induced condensation trick, plus the ability of copper to remove sulfides is why copper pot stills like the big Scotch stills work so well.

       My colum is
      > around one meter long and has an iner diamer of about 5cm. I've been
      > controling output by adjusting the power input on the internal
      > element. I don't have these cross tubes, so does this mean that my
      > insulated packed colum would probibly make better hooch uninsulated
      > and packed?

      ........Not usually.  When you're making vodka type spirits you want the most separation for purity.  But flavoured or brown type spirits 'may' benefit because what you are really doing is slightly de-tuning the reflux still to get similar results to a pot still (i.e 'some' impurities).

      regards Harry

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