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Re: Grape Nut Recipe Request

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  • cornfed62
    The recipe that I used right or wrong was real close to Tony s recipe on his website http://homedistiller.org/wash-grain.htm#sourmash with some changes. His
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 23, 2002
      The recipe that I used right or wrong was real close to Tony's recipe
      on his website http://homedistiller.org/wash-grain.htm#sourmash with
      some changes. His sounds easier to do. I took about 15 or 16 boxes
      of cereal and dumped them into two 17 quart pressure cooker pots. I
      added enough water to fill the pots most of the way and heated them
      on the stove to 160 degrees. I checked the temperature with a candy
      thermometer. I held the temp there for 15 minutes and then shut off
      the heat. When the temperature dropped to below 140 degrees, I added
      2 liters of malted grain to each pot and set the cover onto it. When
      the pots were cool enough to handle, I transfered both pots to the
      same fermenting bucket and added enough water to bring it up to the
      right level. Then waited till the temperature was below 100 degrees
      and added some enzyme. I fermented 2 batches this same way at a
      time. I added yeast when the temperature was below 80 degrees. After
      two days of fermenting, I added a 10 pound bag of sugar to each
      fermenter. The total ferment time was 6 days. It seemed to do
      well. It was one of my first attempts at fermenting grain. The
      batch turned green from the copper salts in the still, so I didnt
      taste it on its own.

      This is my one and only attempt at this. There were too many
      sideways looks at the grocery store after buying about 40 boxes of
      the same brand of cereal.

      Hope this helps

      --- In new_distillers@y..., "D. C." <distiller@m...> wrote:
      > << Ayways - to the guy who wanted to brew and distill Grape
      nuts..., have
      > you
      > done it? >>
      > Speaking of this, I am very interested in trying using Grape Nuts
      in a brew,
      > but I'm not sure how I would go about doing it. I was wondering if
      anyone on
      > this list would have a suggested recipe to try using Grape Nuts as
      the main
      > ingredient.
      > If anyone would be able to pass on such a recipe, and its
      directions, I
      > would greatly appreciate it. I've never brewed anything other than
      wines and
      > beers (using syrup extracts), so I am a little lost as to how I
      would go
      > about trying to use Grape Nuts as an ingredient, and the amount of
      > Nuts that should go into a batch.
      > I will continue to try to find any type of recipe and instructions
      on the
      > web. Hopefully someone else has tried this and posted their
      results. If I
      > find them, I will post them to the list.
      > Thank you in advance.
      > Your Brother in Spirit,
      > Rev. David M. Cunningham
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