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Re: Mistakes Work out sometimes

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  • cornfed62
    I run a Nixon Stone Still. The flavors are present. They are in the cogners after the main body of pure ethanol comes over. The amount of time that you
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 23, 2002
      I run a Nixon Stone Still. The "flavors" are present. They are in
      the cogners after the main body of pure ethanol comes over. The
      amount of time that you continue after the main body determines how
      tasty or how nasty that it will become. I lucked out with this batch.
      On a fluke it all worked out in my flavor.

      --- In new_distillers@y..., John Vandermeulen <vandermeulen@n...>
      > Hello cornfed,
      > Congratulations on your happenstance batch!
      > Question 1: I can not recall what sort of still you use - reflux,
      S/N, pot?
      > Qn 2: If you are getting 95% abv (presumably the rest is water),
      how is it
      > that you also get corn/rum etc. flavours through? I thought that
      in order to
      > obtain the flavours, one would distill 'less efficiently' up to
      > 82-85oF.
      > John V
      > cornfed62 wrote:
      > > I ran a batch through my still about 2 weeks ago. I had about 7
      > > gallons of 80 percent plus left over from batches that went wrong
      > > somehow. I had tried a bunch of different ferments. Grape juice,
      > > Corn Mash, Molasses, Sugar water, I even fermented some grape
      > > breakfast cereal. Alot if this was from the days when I was
      > > to get that epoxy nightmare sorted out. Also I 'lost' a few
      > > because they turned green from the copper after cleaning. Anyway
      > > had all this sitting on the shelf and I wanted to reclaim my
      > > space and containers. I put all of it into the boiler and just
      > > enough water to make sure the element stayed wet.
      > >
      > > Let me tell ya. This stuff is fantastic. It is clear, it came
      > > across as about 95 ABV for most of the run and dropped to about 90
      > > toward the end. I stored it in gallon jugs in my basment for
      > > 2 weeks before doing a thing to it. Then I dumped it all into 5
      > > gallon buckets to blend it all. This stuff is so smooth. It has
      > > hint of rum and corn and all of the other batches. I just wish I
      > > could duplicate it somehow. Beings it was all a chance happening
      > > from a series of mistakes, I bet I may never get it exactly right
      > > again. But it will be fun trying!
      > >
      > > Cheers
      > >
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