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Re: purity vs alcohol %

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  • jamesonbeam1
    Yes Kangsta, When Riku stated 95.6% (azeotropic) alcohol does not always mean pure, he was talking about distilling from a reflux or fractional type still,
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      Yes Kangsta,

      When Riku stated "95.6% (azeotropic) alcohol" does not always mean pure, he was talking about distilling from a reflux or fractional type still, also which for "pure" ethanol, no heads or tails can be included.... 

      It is impossible to get that level of purity from a pot still - I also wouldn't consider them "crude" in any sense,  since all the finest whisk(e)ys, brandies and rums in the world are made from "crude" pot stills ROTFLMAO... :)):)):))

      A simple pot still, with no doubler (thumper) is considered as one theoretical plate per distillation.  If you go look at the calculator on Tony's site, you can roughly gauge what your going to get out of your still, based on ABV of the wash / mash, volume and temp input. There are also charts and information on this in the Info Base.    SEE:  http://homedistiller.org/pot_calc.htm

      For example, if you start off with 10 liters of 15% ABV wash in a pot still (assuming a 10% reflux) - this is a rough estimate of what you would get out:

      Input your Pot still characteristics

      Initial Volume of Wash L
      Alcohol Content % by volume
      Initial Temperature C
      Power during Heat-up W
      Power during Distillation W
      %Internal Reflux %
      Time-step for calculation min


      Time to Heat up Still contents

      TimeTempCollectedPurityTotal CollectedTotal Purity

      Depending on the ABV of your next distillation(s) for the higher wines, the levels will go up, but making pure alcohol is not what pot stills (crude or not) are about.  They are about keeping the flavors in for making the "brown stuff" ;).

      Vino es Veritas,


      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "the_kangsta" <the_kangsta@...> wrote:
      > so that means that a crude pot still will only get alcohol about
      > 40-60% during the first run?
      > and to clarify if it is 60 % purity it is 60% ethanol. ..?

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