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Re: Heads and Tails

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  • Harry
    ... , castillo.alex2008 ... ..........Yes. Commonly calles a feints run. You can also mix heads/tails (aka
    Message 1 of 2 , May 27, 2008

      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "castillo.alex2008" <castillo.alex2008@...> wrote:

      > I know you can recycle your heads and tails when you have a big amount
      > of them either as an all heads or all tails run, but can you mixed the
      > two of them when you have a big amount and have a heads-tail run?


      ..........Yes.  Commonly calles a "feints" run.  You can also mix heads/tails (aka "feints") in the one separation receiver (see drawing).  Dilute this with water to 27% a/v to release the dissolved undesirable oils & proteins from solution. The oils will float & the proteins will sink (given time).  You can now drain the cleared feints and recycle them in your next spirit run at a rate of about 30% of the spirit run charge volume.  This ensures flavour consistency and uniformity between batches, and recovers a lot of usable ethanol & congeners.


      > you need to take more heads and tails from it (I assumme no foreshots
      > need to be taken out since all of them are long gone in the spirits
      > run).

      If doing an all-feints run, then yes do another heads cut and throw the resulting heads away or use it as ant-killer/barbecue starter or whatever.


      regards Harry

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