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Re: What to do with heads

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  • rye_junkie
    ... 3rd ... heads ... the ... has ... After some thought I feel I should amend my post slightly. You said Heads . I forget that some newbies sometimes
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 23, 2008
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      > > Hi all,
      > >
      > > Enjoy reading all the info everyone gives. I have just finished my
      > > run and all is good. I am only making neutral spirits with a good
      > > still and getting 95abv, so thats good but what do I do with the
      > > and tails? I have read that some keep them and put them in the next
      > > run, but wouldn't this just increase the amount that I will get in
      > > next run? I have also read , to keep them until I have about 10
      > > litres and then add 10 litres of water and run that. Also is no
      > > alcohol collected above 92 degrees cel worth drinking?. I am only
      > > getting a little bit anyway.
      > >
      > > Next question might sound stupid but instead of making a mash that
      > > to be filtered, strained or put through a washing machine, can't
      > > liquids, essenses, fruit puree flavours and the like be added to a
      > > simple sugarwash before it is distilled, if so, is there any recipes.
      > >
      > > Scott

      After some thought I feel I should amend my post slightly. You said
      "Heads". I forget that some newbies sometimes combine the terms
      Foreshots and Heads. To me they are NOT interchangeable. Foreshots
      are the Low boiling point compounds like methanol that come out of the
      still mostly (read higher concentrations)in the beginning. I always
      take the first 100ml from a Pot of Reflux run and put them in my fuel
      jug. This should be law for newbies. The "Heads" are next in line and
      have a fruity smell for me anyway and although a high concentration of
      them will probably give you a slight headache they are good to have in
      your hooch as they are where alot of flavors come from.

      Hope I didnt botch this up too bad.
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