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Fw: [Distillers] Canadian/North American Source

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  • Ian Macsween
    I support both of Thomas observations wholeheartedly. The Brewhaus is indeed a convenient source of virtually anything we need for our hobby. A bonus is -
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      I support both of Thomas' observations wholeheartedly.  The Brewhaus is indeed a convenient source of virtually anything we need for our hobby.  A bonus is - there is no sales tax in Alberta!  I understand that a major part of the Brewhaus' business involves mail orders to the U.S.A.  Given the current value of our Canadian dollar - our American neighbours and "brothers in the arts" can get one hell of a good deal by shopping in Canada. I also do not work for the Brewhaus - I just appreciate their services!
      I ordered the "Compleat Distiller" and studied it on the screen.  It is indeed an excellent book!  The print copy arrived yesterday and I am re-reading it in a location more convenient than my computer desk. It is well written, authoritative, and understandable to even amateurs like me!  I don't work for the author - Mike Nixon - either!  But his customer service is exceptional!
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      Subject: [Distillers] Canadian/North American Source

      Greetings to all,
      I came across a resource in Canada that I thought I would pass along to all
      interested parties.  It is the Brewhaus <http://www.brewhaus.com/> .  They
      are a great source for all things fermentable and therefore distillable.
      The Brewhaus has E-books, a down-loadable catalog, essences by Gert Strand
      and others, printable labels stills and an online forum.  I am NOT
      affiliated with them in any way, except as a North American who appreciates
      a regional source for the things I need to support my vices.
      Along these lines I do want to say one more time how impressed I am with
      "The Compleat Distiller".  I started with a copy I downloaded, and after
      three or four reads and countless reference sessions I have picked up a
      hard-copy.  Each time I go through it I find something else and I have yet
      to not find the information I am looking for.  I have many other books on
      the subject and really enjoy most of them, but if there was one book I would
      recommend this would be it.
      Hope this information is of use to some of you.
      Peace- Tom

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