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Re: For Jameson Beam NU SALT

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  • stavjen76
    ... Don t even bother with the nusalt. It costs a couple of dollars for a few ounces of the stuff, a total waste of money. You can buy the same thing as
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 2, 2008
      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "jamesonbeam1"
      Don't even bother with the nusalt. It costs a couple of dollars for
      a few ounces of the stuff, a total waste of money. You can buy the
      same thing as potassium chloride pellets. I bought a sixty pound bag
      for roughly eight bucks. It is used as water softener tablets. It
      is better than nusalt as it contains no sodium, only KCL. Sodium
      slows yeast metabolism. I usually throw a large tablet in a five
      gallon wash. Each bag contains several hundred tablets. A sixty
      pound bag could fulfill most home distillers needs for years, for
      only pennies per

      This may be off topic but concerning your wash, I too had always
      used epsom salts in my wash, but ran out and did a few without. I
      realized there was no difference in fermentation time w/o the salts,
      and the wash didn't smell as bad. I thought it was a fluke and
      actually did side by side fermentations and the results were the
      same again. Has anyone seen similar results? I think the vitamin I
      throw in the wash provides enough magnesium where the salts are not

      <jamesonbeam1@...> wrote:
      > Hey Mason,
      > Suprised you could'nt find it.. Its made by Sweet'N Low -
      > http://WWW.NUSALT.COM Should be easy to find a distributer in
      > area.
      > Anyways, it came out very nice and a bit quicker... The extra
      > Potassium helped out. But I've been doing some additional
      > to come out with even a quicker mash. Remember, yeast needs
      > major minerals including Potassium, Nitrogen, Phosphates and
      > Not to mention the various nutrients and vitamins required.
      > A few weeks ago, Sherman (Pint O) posted a response to David about
      > O-Wash with a simple recipe (msg #26213):
      > For a 13 gallon wash the recipe is pretty easy.
      > > 30lbs HFCS(half a pail) will give 1.080
      > > You can substitute 23.4 lbs white sugar but it requires
      inversion by
      > > simmering it for almost an hour with the citric acid to get a
      > > conversion.
      > > 2 one a day style multivitamins ground fine.
      > > 1/4 cup 10-10-10 any brand without herbicide or insecticide.
      > > 1/4 cup yeast
      > > 2 tsp citric acid
      > > 1/4 tsp USP grade Epsom's salt
      > I have followed this for a 7 gallon wash but cut everything about
      > half and substituted:
      > - 16 lbs. sugar, inverted with acid blend (2 teaspoons).
      > - 1 box Rice Krispies for vitamins (boiled until mash).
      > - Instead of the 10-10-10 plant food, used Expert Gardener 24-8-16
      > plant food from Walmart (5 tablespoons).
      > - 6 cups of trub from previous fermentation of EC-1118 yeast (now
      > its 17th mash generation).
      > - 2 gallons of sourmash from last distillation.
      > - 2 cups of boiled trub (with solids) for nutritents and lipids.
      > Aerated for first 4 hours, then again for 2 hours 12 hours later.
      > 1/2 way through fermentation, added another 2 tablespoons of the
      > 16 plant food.
      > The starting SG was 1.100 about and within 3.5 days the SG dropped
      > 1.005.
      > One of the fastest washes ive every done. After Distilling, the
      > was very smooth, though not much flavor. Also had much less
      > probably because the yeast was'nt so stressed out.
      > Anyways, Im trying another wash using this formula and it looks
      > its even fermenting faster.
      > Vino es Veritas,
      > Jim.
      > --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "rye_junkie" <rye_junkie@>
      > wrote:
      > >
      > > Jim,
      > > You had mentioned in a thread a few days back that you were
      going to
      > > try the NUSALT in a fermentation. If you got to it how did it
      do. I
      > > was unable to find that particular brand but did pick up some NO
      > > which looks to have the same ingredients. I put a tablespoon in
      a 5
      > > gallon wash with a start sg1.100. Within 24 hrs it was down to
      > > That may not be a great accomplishment. I don't have a lot of
      > > experience with high gravity washes. It seems fast to me
      though. I
      > > added it to a new sour mash. The other thing I notice was how
      > > the fermentation took off. 30 minutes after pitching it already
      > > formed a nice cap.
      > >
      > > Mason
      > >
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