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Re: Where can I buy a still?

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  • abbababbaccc
    That still drinking was taking people s money and not shipping their stills. Do a search in here and distillers and you ll find discussion about this. If I
    Message 1 of 15 , Jan 31, 2008
      That still drinking was taking people's money and not shipping their
      stills. Do a search in here and distillers and you'll find
      discussion about this.

      If I were in market for a still I'd get amphora's PDA-1 with column
      extension. If I had loads of money I'd get the PDA-2 ;)

      Unfortunately most of the design for sale are 10-25 years old and
      the performance is nowhere near todays stills.

      Cheers, Riku

      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, Larry Collins <larry@...>
      > At 08:27 PM 01/30/2008, you wrote:
      > >I checked out milehidistilling.com and brewhaus.com and
      > >home-distilling.com - But how come their stills all look so
      > >Is this all the same product that they purchase somewhere else?
      > >ps I wish Mile High Distilling wouldn't have those chicks in the
      > >That really makes me not want to buy from them.
      > I'm sure that neither one of them builds the stills themselves,
      and they
      > might very well even be the same still sold under different
      names. I
      > studied it pretty closely before I bought from Brewhaus, and I
      seem to
      > recall deciding that they weren't absolutely identical after all,
      but were
      > so similar that it came down to who had the best price and
      reputation for
      > service. That worked out as Brewhaus, by a nose.
      > Like you, I had to consider that to indicate something about their
      > or the stills themselves that was making it necessary to hype them
      > cheesecake.
      > It also smacked of www.stilldrinkin.com, and that thought itself
      > more heavily against them than the cheesecake itself.
      > www.stilldrinkin.com was hyping "Turbo Stomper" and "Tilt Reflux"
      > which I determined to have nothing really wrong with them except
      the value
      > of the product for the price.
      > Nobody on The Internet seemed to be able to tell me just
      what "Tilt Reflux"
      > might be, and the Turbo Stomper is a simple pot still with a
      simple thumper
      > added to it. I saw in a message-base where they offered to sell
      > the thumper by itself for only $60... or maybe it was $80.
      > If you look at them, you can see that it's a $2.00 Mason Jar, with
      a couple
      > of small holes put into the lid by an electrician's "knockout
      cutter" or
      > maybe a drill. Add $3.00 worth of copper mesh, and the thing
      > costs them about $10-$12, even with the labor required to make it.
      Sell it
      > for $60 (or $80?) Not a bad margin, eh?
      > They sell distilling stuff there, but you can also get pheromone
      cologne to
      > "attract women instantly", and software to crack passwords into
      > websites. Click "Software" then "Cool Guy Stuff" if you need some
      of either.
      > Or if you scroll down through his still descriptions, there are
      plenty of
      > pics of his "model" straddling boilers suggestively, laying back
      > bikinis, etc.
      > Not that I really have anything against XXX websites, OR against
      > Stilldrinkin' selling software that's designed to rip off XXX
      websites by
      > helping you hack into them.
      > But it gets back to the same thing as Milehigh, only Distilled (so
      > speak): If value of their distilling products is making them rich,
      why are
      > they having to supplement with Schemes and suggestive photos?
      > Stilldrinkin used to have their stills continually listed on Ebay,
      but that
      > stopped (for some reason) fairly shortly after the password-
      > software, and other sideline stuff started coming in on their
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