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Re: Sam Adams Utopia

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  • jamesonbeam1
    Hi Stavjen, After living in Boston for 10 years and actually meeting Mr. Jim Koch, Head Distiller and founder at Samual Adams at my MBA graduation party at
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 3, 2007

      Hi Stavjen,

      After living in Boston for 10 years and actually meeting Mr. Jim Koch, Head Distiller and founder at Samual Adams at my MBA graduation party at Northeastern University, I immediately relized he was part of the "nouveau riche"  in this country and a money hungry SOB abover all.

      Im not suprised he would try to invent a quote "un-carbonated beer" thats now selling for over 500 buks USA per bottle. 

      First off, how the heck can you call a 25% uncarbonated beverage a "BEER" when it is suggested to be "savored and sipped with fine cigars in a snifter glass like a fine sherry or port"?  Thats like trying to call Chinese Noodle Distillate or Pumpkin Distillate a friggin "Whiskey".

      By definition, beer is carbonated and ment to be drunk from the bottle or a chilled beer glass - regardless of the hype they are trying to give this crap:

      "It redefines the term beer," he (Tom Dalldorf of Celebrator Beer News  quoting Koch)  says. "It's not for everyone, but connoisseurs of fine wine and cigars should consider this unique beverage among the stellar desert wines and spirits of the world."

      As these comments suggest, Utopias is by no means the sort of beer you would knock back in a spit-and-sawdust bar on a Saturday night out with the lads. Taste-wise, indeed, it has been likened more to port or sherry than traditional beer. "

      While they might use the best frigging hops in the friggin world - 4 types:

      "The basic ingredients are four different varieties of the very finest Bavarian hops -- Saaz, Spalt Spalter, Hallertau Mittelfruh and Tettnang Tettnanger -- all hand selected by Koch on his annual visit to Germany. "

      I aint never going to pay over 500 buks (US) for some friggin uncarbonated 25% beer. Just get some nice Heniken's and put some 180 proof natural spirit in there and voila - ya gets the same kick for a nice "carbonated"  beer at as high a proof ya want for 1/100th the price.

      See Below.

      Vino es Veritas,





      padSam Adams Utopias Beer rws28347pad$599.99

      You are about to experience the strongest beer ever brewed. With an alcohol content of 25% by volume, we've broken our own record set by Sam Adams Utopias MMII in 2002. Beer enthusiasts have never enjoyed a beer like Sam Adams Utopias. When served at room temperature in a two-ounce serving, Sam Adams Utopias is an ideal after-dinner drink. Pour it into a wine glass or brandy snifter. Note the aroma. Take a sip and enjoy the ideal beer. People have asked what inspired me to brew such a unique beer? Drinkers have long been familiar with light beers. I wanted to show them the opposite end of the beer spectrum. A beer that is strong, rich and dark. Some would say, the ultimate beer. A beer without carbonation, one to be savored slowly. We started by using some of the world's finest ingredients, including all four types of Noble hops, which give the beer its earthy, herbal taste. The hops also add a spicy note. Carmel, Vienna, Moravian and Bavarian smoked malts add a rich amber color. A variety of yeast were used during fermentation, including the same yeast used in champagne. As a result of this unique brewing process, this flavorful, slightly fruity brew has a sweet, malty flavor that resembles the deep, rich grape taste of a vintage Port, fine Cognac or old Sherry. This limited edition ale has been aged in Scotch, Cognac and Port barrels. Your bottle of Sam Adams Utopias has been packaged in a unique, collectible copper-finished brew kettle decanter reminiscent of the brew kettles used by brewmasters for hundreds of years. We have produced only 8,000 bottles of Sam Adams Utopias in 2003 to be enjoyed by a select audience of better beer drinkers.


      Jim Koch, Brewer and Founder


      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "stavjen76" <stavjen76@...> wrote:
      > I was just wondering if anyone has tried sam adams utopia beer. It is
      > a non-carbonated brewed beer with an alcohol content of 26%. It has
      > the highest alcohol content of any beer. I was curious about what
      > strain of yeast these guys could be using. They've said it is a
      > champagne yeast, but I don't know of any that can handle that
      > percentage of alcohol. Does anyone know something about this.
      > P.S. just a side note I know researchers at MIT have produced yeast
      > that can ferment what seems up to a 50% alcohol content for producing
      > ethanol for alternative energy production, but it is not commercially
      > available. I would love to get my hands on some though.

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