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Re: The new guy =)

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  • Larry
    ... Well, eric_yendall@yahoo.com... You say that as though the poster s actual email address isn t included in the headers of every post, or it would be any
    Message 1 of 8 , Nov 14, 2007
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      At 09:05 AM 11/13/2007, Eric wrote:

      Just a friendly word of advice. In Canada it is absolutely illegal to
      simply own an unlicensed still, let alone operate it. I suggest you
      use an anonymous email name for your postings. Good luck.

      Well, eric_yendall@......

      You say that as though the poster's actual email address isn't included in the headers of every post, or it would be any great effort for any law enforcement agency in Canada to connect it with a warm body if they tried, even a little bit.

      I heard on National Public Radio, just yesterday, that Yahoo was about to possibly catch some problems here in the USA as a result of them turning over names and addresses wholesale to the Chinese government on request, resulting in MANY people being arrested and tortured there, for writing emails which the Chinese government didn't approve of.

      Since the Canadian government isn't likely to employ much physical torture over ownership of a still, I have no doubt that it would start raining names and addresses on them if any government agency even hinted to Yahoo that they should be turned over.

      Maybe best not to make things TOO obvious, perhaps even to the point of not mentioning that you live in Ontario rather than "Somewhere In Canada", but frankly I doubt if it makes any difference at all.

      If you post here, and your government wants to find you over it, anonymity is superficial, at best.  Your ISP (and especially Yahoo, apparently) is likely to comply in a heartbeat with anything more than informal curiosity by The Law.

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