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Re: Blue distillate and yes I searched the group and I know the problem

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  • vdvdabc
    ... concentrate ... store ... This is what I will eventually do. ... the ... is ... No I use tap water from Montreal and beside the chlore the water is good.
    Message 1 of 7 , Oct 29, 2007
      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "kirtgk" <kirtgk@...> wrote:
      > im no pro but i had this blue spirit and used to use lemon
      > also. ive switched to citric acid that is available at the brew
      > by me and is much more cost efficient.

      This is what I will eventually do.

      > i had the same troubles on my reflux still. i made the wash the same
      > way i always do and then proceeded to run it through and out came
      > blue. i changed nothing in my procedures of wash ma king and stillin
      > or the time that the wash fermented. im gonna guess that your using
      > well water in your ferments, correct? the only conclusion i came to
      > that the well waters ph varies and this caused my problem.

      No I use tap water from Montreal and beside the chlore the water is

      > as a preventive i always add the citric acid into the boiler and
      > pour in the wash. this mixes it up and makes sure that i will never
      > see that blue crap again.

      Great idea to do it and since it happened to me, I will always add
      some acidity.

      > as for a remedy to this problem of the distillate, id run the
      > disstilate through carbon and then dillute by half with water. add
      > some citric acid or lemon juice concentrate to it and rerun through
      > the still in a stripping run. then do a spirit run if the stripping
      > run products are fine and if not then either repeat this process or
      > just call your losses and pitch it.

      I had put a piece of towel in the bottom of a big funnel filled with
      carbon. I do not say it was a good filter but the stuff was still
      smelling as bad. I got rid of the carbon since I feel it was
      contamitated with copper. I will also add a good amount of water but
      what was worrying me was the smell. I got rid of most of it by
      letting the lid of my container open for two days. I know I lost some
      alcohol but I was worry the smell would go through the distilling
      process as it did before.

      > as for your 3rd wash. add the lemon juice concentrate to it that you
      > think is enough and then add some more. or test the ph to get it
      > acidic.

      Yes you can be sure that it will add of it enough to be acidic.

      > again i use the citric acid from the brew shop. its less money and
      > wont add lemon flavor to your potstill product.
      > keep us posted on your results please

      I am already doing so and next weekend I should post my final result.

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