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Re: Halloween Brew - Help Request

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  • stavjen
    ... for ... whiskey? ... It ... froths ... somebody a ... would buy whole bottles of flavored alcohol. By far the best, most flavorful and cost effective thing
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      > > Here in the States Halloween (Oct 31) is cause for a party. I
      > would like to distill up a special warlock's brew for said event.
      > >
      > > I have a refulx still that I use for both neutral and pot
      > distilling.
      > >
      > > What I am seeking from the group is suggestions, and receipes,
      > a suitable drink. Thoughts on "candy corn" flavor? Pumpkin
      > >
      > > Certainly I could distill some neutral and add to a "punch".
      > Suggestions for a drinkable yet festive combination of flavors are
      > most welcome!
      > >
      > >
      > My favourite Halloween drink is the "Pan Galactic Gargle-Blaster"
      > is ANY very strong concoction into which you drop a SMALL piece of
      > dry ice. This makes the drink nice and cold and it bubbles and
      > like witches brew. Just remember to NEVER hand it to someone until
      > the ice has completely sublimed (melted) or you could give
      somebody a
      > nasty cold burn.
      > Gary
      >When it comes to flavored alcohol I never could figure why people
      would buy whole bottles of flavored alcohol. By far the best, most
      flavorful and cost effective thing to do is buy Torani flavored
      syrup. It comes in like fifty flavors so you can mix and match to
      make anything you want, ie. raspberry, strawberry,vanilla,
      chocolate, shortcake, coffee, mint etc. Just use your imagination.

      I usually add vodka, shaved ice and flavorings. My girlfriend likes
      chocolate and cherry together. As well as the strawberry with the
      shortcake flavor. You can't beat lemonade, vodka, and raspberry.
      Try vodka, orange and vanilla, it's like an alcoholic dreamsicle.
      But by just adding a little bit of this stuff you can make cream de
      cacao, cream de menthe, kahlua, as well as any flavor vodka/ drink
      you choose without having to flavor a whole bottle. Its also great
      on ice cream or when making slushes, with or without alcohol.

      As for the halloween/fall theme you could try apple and caramel
      together, the dreamsicle is orange colored and would work. You could
      freeze some of those plastic spiders in ice cubes and put it in the
      drinks. My friends wife bought some of those halloween sprinkles
      for cakes with pumpkins/ghosts shapes and lined the rims of glasses
      with them like you would with salt. You could also do it with the
      black and orange colored sugar they use on cakes.

      I've also been to a party where they made a punch and floated
      sherbet on top and added/ drizzled flavored syrup on top to make the
      floating balls of sherbet look like bloodshot eyes, pumpkins, etc.
      Maybe you could "fortify" some hot cider with neutral
      spirits.Ultimately if you make the drinks strong enough, after the
      third one, nobody will know what is in the drinks, nor will they
      care. Good luck.
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