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Re: Question Methanol dangers using a fractionating Still

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  • miciofelice2003
    Hi Link and Jeremy. In my opinion isn t possible to fix the quantity of methanol without knowing the type of still you have. I mean: by using a pot still
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 1, 2006
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      Hi Link and Jeremy.

      In my opinion isn't possible to fix the quantity of methanol without
      knowing the type of still you have.

      I mean: by using a pot still you'll have some quantity of methylic
      alcohol, by using a fractionnating refluxed column the quantity will
      be different.

      That quantity depends also from the alcoholic percentage of mash you
      are using.

      Let me say, also, that isn't true that methanol is completely
      eliminated with the "heads": it will accompany the distillation till
      the end (at decreasing rate, of course) because a physical law say

      In fact the boiling point of a mash depend from the alcohol
      percentage: gradually the alcohol evaporate and so the mash boiling
      point increase because the quantity of alcohol into the mash
      At a certain point the boiling temperature will reach the boling
      point of ethylic alcohol, so also it will start to boil; but this
      fact doesn't mean the end of methanol, no: it is still into the
      vapours (at low concentration, of course).

      If you have a fractionnating refluxed column you don't take any
      risks: the reflux will be able to separate very well the heads, but
      if you have a pot still things are a little bit different.

      In this case you can only count of the capability of your pot still
      to reflux down the ethylic alcohol in the beginning of the
      distillation: in this case the percentage you wrote (about 0.2%)
      is , in my opinion, a little bit optimistic.

      Anyway we have a godd judge that help us a lot: our nose and our

      Till you fill a biting smell you don't have to collect: it's the
      ethyl acetate, that give the sensation of a lot of needles into your
      This component follow the meth and is immediately before the ethylic
      alcohol, but is still belonging to heads so you don't have to

      Hoping to have given some help.

      micio felice

      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, Link D'Antoni <link2d@...>
      > Jeremy,
      > This is an over simplification of the process.
      > Everything vaporizes (turns to vapor)at different
      > temperatures. Water at sea level turns to vapor @ 212
      > F (100c). Methanol at, i believe, @ 168 F and Ethyl
      > Alcohol @ 172 F. As the lower boiling (lighter)
      > components boil off the temp will them move up.
      > Methanol will vaporize just ahead of the Ethanol and
      > will condense just ahead of the Ethanol. That is why
      > we pull off the first .10% (fore-shot) after the
      > initial condensation. I personally pull off .2%
      > Example: In a 5 gallon wash
      > 3790 ml x 5 = 19,950 ml x .2% = 38 ml
      > I will pull off 38 - 40 ml of the first to drip from
      > the condenser.
      > I have not gotten brain damage yet... which is
      > debatable.
      > I hope that this helps some.
      > Link
      > --- Jeremy McCoy <realmccoy333@...> wrote:
      > > I am in the middle of building a fractionating
      > > still. What are the
      > > dangers of no disposing of the methanol first
      > > created. My
      > > understanding is the vapour will likely hit the pot
      > > scrubbers and
      > > condence down the coloum again, therefore the
      > > methanol remains. Is
      > > this correct
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
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