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Re: First timer buying this:

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  • mtnwalker2
    ... OOps, that was a 2X3 inch adopter for hooking to a beer keg. ... http://www.brewhaus.com/Essential_Extractor_Pro_Series_II_Complete_p/80000010.htm
    Message 1 of 7 , Apr 30, 2006
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      OOps, that was a 2X3 inch adopter for hooking to a beer keg.

      > > Hi there. first timer. Planning on buying this:
      > >
      > > do you guys think this would work well for a first timer?
      > >
      > Hello and welcome to the fun!
      > That same unit was my first choice, and still is. I got mine last
      > fall, have made 20 runs now, and getting better every time. Have hit
      > the 95. Seral things I found, first order also the 2 valve cooling
      > water controls, it will work much better. Second, I use propane as
      > this unit reguires more heat, but runs faster, so I found it necessary
      > to insulate the top two thirds of the pot, and the coulumn, as I run
      > it outside. I also found I got much better results and in the same
      > amount of time to run two fast stripping runs, and then a reflux run
      > with the combined strippings and with bicarb and some canning salt- no
      > iodine.
      > You will be much pleased with this.
      > PS I also bought a digital thermometer with an alarm- saves a lot of
      > watching over time. and a 2X2 inch conversion so I will now be able to
      > run 2 batches in a beer keg- my next run. and lastly some types of
      > boiling chips I use 2 cups pea gravel really helps. Have fun.
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