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Re: [new_distillers] Re: Spiral Type Condensing Head (Alex --- Help!)

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  • _{*L*}_
    Here are some answers to your questions: You interpret correct. Insulation is beneficial only where you have packing material. The practical reason for
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 3, 2006
      Here are some answers to your questions:

      You interpret correct. Insulation is beneficial only where you have packing material.
      The practical reason for insulation is a)economics b)better reflux process
      Test run with water is not important, it is mostly to clean and to spot leaks.
      As long as the principle of the schematic says the same it is immaterial where the reflux/vapor spigot will be located.
      I think 0.25” needle valve is sufficient for the job. You are mixing the necessary reflux in the main column with the insignificant cooling reflux in the spiral part.
      Yes, you are right. The system will be less stable. Also, turns will be very flexible. You may want using simple copper wire rods to solder turns into something more rigid.
      For 1.5” tubing I would target the column height between 20~24 inches.
      The temperature for reflux operation must be 78*C period. For pot stilling it depends on stage of the take off.
      One concern – I am not sure about cooling capacity of this still. It may be necessary to provide a sort of fan or other means of cooling. A smooth pipe is not the ideal for cooling. Perhaps some sorts of fins would be required.
      Again – this is untested “concept” design which should work in principle. Unfortunately I can not estimate the cooling capacity of this still. Here you are on your own.

      aborzachtd <aborza@...> wrote: Alex,

      Thanks for the reply.

      BYW, I see great beauty in simplicity and in form following function.
      In this design, I see both. And with no need for additional hoses and
      water usage I see aditional beauty. It all looks great to me and if
      efficiency is high, I cannot see how this design can be topped.

      I am in the process of getting together materials to build the Spiral
      Type system. I will see how it goes.

      Since you are willing to help, I have more questions. I hope they are
      not too burdensome.

      1. You say in your drawing that the reflex column should be insulated
      but not "above the cap." I am not sure what that means. Do you mean
      the column up to the top cap where the reflex comes back into the
      column should be insulated but the spiral condenser and its
      connection to the column should not be insulated?

      2. Why should the column be insulated at all? What is the practical
      reason for the insulation?

      3. You say that test runs should be made un-insulated and after the
      test runs the column should be insulated. But it seems to me that
      test runs should be done under the same conditions as when used.
      Otherwise, it seems to me, if you calibrate and set reflux while
      testing, and then insulate, the reflux ratio will change. I guess I
      am confused.

      4. Will there be any problem if I come into the cap from the top? I
      am thinking of using a 90 deg. fitting off the condenser and coming
      in through the top of the cap. This will allow me to center the
      reflux on to the packing more accurately. Are there any potential
      problems with that plan?

      5. I am thinking of using a larger tube for the takeoff side of the
      system. That and the associated larger valve should allow more flow
      in the full open condition and therefore allow a greater ability to
      accurately set reflux (less distillate will go past the 1/4" output
      pipe). Any problems with this idea?

      6. My greatest concern at this time is the weight of the spiral
      condenser. I have not built any reflex design previously (only pot
      stills) so I have no idea how much the other condenser designs weigh.
      But it seems to me that this condenser design weighs a great deal
      more than your other designs and will therefore be more liable to tip
      over. Am I right about that? Or does the weight of water hoses,
      water, collection cup and related parts result in about the same

      7. Due to availability, I will be using 1 1/2" tubing for the column.
      What would you suggest is the ideal height for a 1 1/2" column?

      8. What is the ideal temperature on the installed thermometer for
      reflex mode? How about for pot-still (non-reflex) mode?

      I hope these questions are not too numerous or burdensome and I do
      appreciate any help you will give. You have already helped me a great
      deal, not only by your prior answers, but by making wonderful designs
      available to all.

      So again, I say thank you, for myself and for others who have
      benefited from your designs.


      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, _{*L*}_ <bokakob@...> wrote:
      > Hello, ab (sorry I could not name you).
      > You made my heart melt and I will go out of my ways to answer
      your questions.
      > 1. The tubing diameter should be not less than 1/2"
      > 2. The cooling winding diameter should be not less than 8". A
      common cooking pot will suit nicely to roll the tubing.
      > 3. The number of windings should be not less than 8. This should
      give you the total length of 1/2" copper tubing 16.75 feet. I guess
      20 foot standard roll will fit nicely for this task. Vertical spacing
      of this tubing should be approximately 1/4" clear.
      > 4. It is fair to say that some reflux will happen indeed with
      this setup.
      > 5. The only problem I see is that nobody yet has made this design
      > When I was publishing this sketch I was (and still) thinking
      about a solar driven distillation unit which is completely free of
      the energy sources. I was thinking something toward the solar furnace
      and air-cooled still.
      > If you have tenacity to make and test it would you please post
      the results and the pictures please?
      > With warm regards, Alex ... aka BOKAKOB
      > aborzachtd <aborza@...> wrote:
      > Alex,
      > I find your air cooled Spiral Head design most beautiful and am
      interested in making a Mini-Still sized version with an air cooled
      Spiral Head. A couple of questions though.
      > 1. Could you spec the dimensions of the tubing, number of windings,
      and coil dimensions suitable for a 1 1/2" or 2" dia refux column
      about 3-4' tall?
      > 2. Is is fair to say that even with the 1/4" needle valve fully
      open there will still be some reflex action going on because some of
      the condensate will run past the valve?
      > 3. Any problems with the Spiral Head design that should make me re-
      think using that design? I can see the coil is hanging in the air
      above the mash pot (and its heating source) and wonder how damaging
      > that will be. Thanks for your help
      > ab
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