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  • Harry
    ... and ... expect ... and ... yet ... could ... around) ... down.what i ... on ... any ... You re doing fine. Purists will tell you that anything above 79°C
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 2, 2006
      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "parkst5356" <parkst5356@...>
      > if you do sugar washes using turbo yeasts with 21 litres of water
      > 8 kilos of sugar - on the packet it says 20% in 5 days. so say in
      > theory you end up with 20% in your wash and you run it through a
      > reflux still and achieve say 92% alcohol-what roughly would you
      > to get after tossing the first 50 mils? i have been taking about 3
      > a half litres and redistilling the remainder.i'm not smart enough
      > to distinguish the tails, so after 3.5 litres i collect in 100 mil
      > lots and stop when the temp starts to climb above 84 degrees.i
      > probably collect more but i've had enough by this time (sitting
      > and i feel that i'm only wasting gas and water, so shut it
      down.what i
      > wonder is am i redistilling good neutral spirit, so a rough guide
      > what to expect from above wash would be good to know. thanks for
      > help. paul

      You're doing fine. Purists will tell you that anything above 79°C
      is 'tails'. However it depends on how 'neutral' you want your
      spirits. Many people collect in small jars the moment the temp
      begins to shift upwards, then use taste & smell to decide which to
      add and which to send to feints storage for next runnings. Up to 84-
      86°C there's still a lot of good alcohol, but it will have more
      congeners (flavinoids) the higher the temp. Use Tony's calculators
      as a guide to yields.

      regards Harry
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