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Re: What Happened to my middle run? (second run)

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  • Harry
    ... heard ... mine ... cover ... C and ... I ... heads. I ... kept ... to let ... this ... rose ... the body. ... Sounds to me like you have returning reflux
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 1, 2006
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      <macmccaskie@...> wrote:
      > What Happened to my middle run?
      > I am now just finishing a second run that has me puzzled.. I've
      > here that each still is different, but the behavior of mine has
      > scratching my head. I had combined two first runs, added water to
      > elements with some baking soda.
      > I equalized mine with full reflux, drew off the forshots at 56-66
      C and
      > pitched it. I turned power down and it stabilized at 66-67, which
      > drew off quite a bit (84 abv). I thought this would be the
      heads. I
      > kept the power down (read, kept fiddling) as it rose to 68C. I
      > reflux high, then it rose quickly to 81C, so I turned power down
      to let
      > it stabilize at 68 again. At that point I opened reflux (none at
      > point) with power still down. It stabilized for a while, then
      > again to 81C and eventually 87C.
      > From what I'd heard, it "should" have stabilized around 78C for
      the body.
      > Can someone clue me in? Please?
      > Mac

      Sounds to me like you have returning reflux (somewhat cooled)
      contacting your thermometer probe and interfering with true
      measurement. Look at the placement, shielding etc. of the

      The only other possible explanations are:
      1) Extremely high altitude. Boiling points drop 1°F for every 500
      feet above sea level.
      2) Badly calibrated thermometer. Recalibrate with known constants
      i.e. ice and boiling water.

      regards Harry

      If asked to wager, my money's on the returning reflux.
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