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RE: [new_distillers] poteen recipe

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  • Kieran Devaney
    Thanks Maurice. I ll keep you posted. Kieran
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 6, 2000
      RE: [new_distillers] poteen recipe

      Thanks Maurice.

      I'll keep you posted.


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        heres one kieran..this is a recipe from county fermanagh.....7lb of
        bakers yeast.......3 stone of brown sugar..........4lb of
        treacle......1lb of hops...steep ingredients in 3 gallons of lukewarm
        water at the bottom of a 40 gallon barrel after steeping fill barrel
        to three quarter full with cold spring water leave in a cool place to
        settle..after several weeks transfer to your still..this was taken
        from a book called ; in praise of poteen. ive never tried it myself. 
        let me know how it turns out..maurice

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