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Re: Fermentation and distilation of sugar products

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  • Harry
    ... etc ... to ... alcohol. ... all ... total ... for ... Hi Arthur, Fuels aren t really our field but there are many similarities, so here goes... Liquefy and
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 2, 2006
      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "combfood" <combfood@...>
      > I am a distributor of confectionery, that gets out of date and is
      > unsaleable through having passed it best before and use by dates.
      > Even slightly mouldy. It might be boiled lollies stuck together or
      > chewy fruit candy. or melted lolly pops. It would have all the
      > ingredients in it that make a confectionery. ie Colouring, gums,
      > As it is high in sugar or glucose or fruit sugars content i wish
      > investigate the possibility of it being converted to a rough
      > (Not for drinking)But being 95% pure. I do not have any gear at
      > for this endevour so am enlisting anyones ideas or help for the
      > package. This means i want to know what type of vestle i could use
      > fermentation. For distilation and the recipe.
      > Can you lead me to any unique web sites that might have the answer?
      > I look forward to hearing from anyone. Regards Arthur Wall

      Hi Arthur,
      Fuels aren't really our field but there are many similarities, so
      here goes...

      Liquefy and dilute with hot water to the desired Specific Gravity.
      Let cool, add nutrients and yeast. Ferment to dry. Distill.

      Sounds simple (eventually it is), but for most of your needs this
      site will start you off.

      When you've got your mind around all that, try the fuel sites...

      regards Harry
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