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Re: a problem

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  • Harry
    ... used to ... want to ... world ... question ... are ... questions as ... search ... I m ... anything . ... Roger, I too have a problem. Too many people
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 28, 2006
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      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "clarkrgr1" <clarkrgr1@n...>
      > I have a problem.
      > Before the formation of this and the other distilling group, I
      used to
      > spend days and even weeks trying to find information. Now, if I
      want to
      > know something, I post the question and hopefully somebody in the
      > will have either the answer or an idea for me.
      > My problem is, that every once in a while somebody will ask a
      > and somebody will reply with an answer that sounds like a teenager
      > talking too his baby brother.
      > My understanding is that this group was formed to help those who
      > just starting, in which case we will get many repetitious
      questions as
      > new people are starting frequently. Telling someone to refer to
      > previous posts is akin to telling them to go back on the web and
      > for their own answers as we haven't got the time for them. If a
      > question sounds "Old Hat" just skip it and go on to the next as
      > sure that somebody with an answer will take the time to respond.
      > In other words, "If you can't say something nice, don't say
      > Thanks for letting me vent.
      > Roger.

      Roger, I too have a problem. Too many people lately seem to think
      they can do my job, i.e. tell other members how to conduct their
      affairs in the group. Let me make this quite clear to all. Group
      Owners and Moderators ONLY, have this right. Aside from that, your
      suggestion of "just skip it" with old hat questions works both
      ways. I suggest in future if you or anyone else gets a cryptic
      reply to "use the previous posts", or a patronising tone of reply,
      then "just skip it". In your own words "I'm sure that somebody with
      an answer will take the time to respond". Now let's drop this nit-
      picking and get on with what we're here for. This thread is now
      closed. Any further posts will be deleted, and the poster put on
      moderated status.

      regards Harry
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