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    In plain simple term equilibrating means (IMHO) you wait until the returned condensate would saturate the packing starting from the top and working toward
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 1, 2005
      In plain simple term "equilibrating" means (IMHO) you wait until the returned condensate would saturate the packing starting from the top and working toward the bottom. It takes approximately 15~25 minutes.

      Depending on power of your boiler and cooling power of your condenser, there will be an equilibrium point along the column height toward the bottom where upcoming vapor is so "strong" that it forcefully evaporates whatever distillate condensate comes from the top.

      The lower this point is located, the better the separation process will be. The temperature above this point tends to stay close to 78*C and it steady rises toward the boiler temperature below it.

      The more "saturated" height of the column you have above the equilibrium point -- the better the distillation product will be.

      Whatever length of the column you have below the equilibrium point it is certainly *not working* in your favor. Ideally, the column height should be the length when the equilibrium point is located at the column base.

      It means that the most efficient column would be fully saturated with condensed distillate what is exactly happens in shorter columns. The *non-working* bottom of long columns is simple waste of material, headroom and fuel.

      The finesse is to determine the length so that it is not very short and not excessively long. I did some experiments (note: for my boiler and my condenser); in 1.5" copper pipe column the most efficient column length is approximately 18" or ratio 12:1 -- your setup may vary.

      I hope it helped.

      Jane Doe <laffingrrl@...> wrote:
      I have been stumped by the term equilibrate. What does that mean, and
      also, with my column, could someone tell me how to *do* it?
      Thanks ahead of time!

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