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Re: [new_distillers] Re: Cloudy Product After Dilution

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  • Robert Thomas
    If it s crystalline cloudiness (or granular, anything other than oily/milky) it should settle, and you can decant. If it doesn t settle, then stick it in the
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 10, 2005
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      If it's crystalline cloudiness (or granular, anything other than oily/milky) it should settle, and you can decant. If it doesn't settle, then stick it in the freezer and filter through fine carbon, kieselguhr (bentonite), cotton wool and tissue paper in that order (all layered up if you have a venturi style "vacuum pump". These pumps were described here I believe. I may be able to find plans on the net. They are good, cheap, but can dilute abv's due to water vapour ingress).

      whynda <hstuiber@...> wrote: G'day Derek,
      don't add any flavourings and then filter with carbon unless you want
      to get rid of all the flavour. Filter it all first and then add
      flavours. The carbon will remove the "off" flavours and any that you
      had added as it can't distinguish between good or bad flavour. As for
      the slight cloudiness, add lots of ice when you drink it and I bet
      after a while you won't even notice it.

      your good health

      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, Derek Hamlet <derekhamlet@s...>
      > I finally diluted my last couple of batches of ethanol to get to
      appox. 40%ABV.
      > The distillate was clear but became cloudy when I diluted with
      distilled water.
      > I have a couple of questions.
      > Should I build a carbon filter and filter before flavouring or can I
      > do that after I flavour?
      > For me flavouring consists of some toasted oak, charred oak,
      > peppercorns, vanilla beans, a few dried apricots and constant, but,
      > very gentle agitation on a rotating turntable (2 rotations per
      > The answer I'm hoping NOT to hear is, "regrets old chap, but, you'd
      > best redistill the mess".
      > If the sage advice is go ahead and flavor and age and then filter
      > later it gives me the time to build the filter while it ages.
      > On the other hand I don't want to lose all the flavours after
      > it through a carbon filter.
      > All advice greatly appreciated.
      > Derek
      > Victoria, B. C.
      > Canada

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