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Re: Need help for pot still results

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  • eirelandwolf
    Hi Rob, Thanks for your help,sorry I haven t replied sooner. You ask about if I had a thermometer, yes I do it is inserted in the cork in the tea kettle. I ran
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 8, 2005
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      Hi Rob,
      Thanks for your help,sorry I haven't replied sooner. You ask about if
      I had a thermometer, yes I do it is inserted in the cork in the tea
      kettle. I ran it at a lower heat setting like you said and it worked
      fine,thanks. I'm definately going to build a bigger still and keep
      this one for distilling essences. You were right about the still being
      to small to notice much seperation. I have put up a few photo's, (not
      great but will give a better idea than my explaination) the photo's
      are in album labled elw, thanks again for you help, Rick
      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, Robert Thomas
      <whosbrewing@y...> wrote:
      > Hi Rick,
      > comments interspersed:
      > --- eirelandwolf <rbg10798@y...> wrote:
      > > Hi all,I joined the group a while ago,and have
      > > learned a great
      > > deal.But head learning is totally different from
      > > hands on. What I have
      > > built on a very limited budget is a tea kettle
      > > still, holds a liter. I
      > > made a condenser,28 inches of 1/4 inch tubing
      > > running thru 14 inches
      > > of 1/2 inch tubing for the condenser,submersible
      > > pump in a 5 gallon
      > > bucket of ice water for cooling. On the stripping
      > > run every thing
      > > seemed fine,but on the 2nd run,the 1st 50ml. came
      > > out hot,then cooled
      > what do you mean? Where's the thermometer?
      > > down for the rest of the run,I did not get a real
      > > seperation I could
      > > taste between the fors,middle and tails. I only made
      > > a 1 gallon mash
      > You may well get little differentiation on a small pot
      > still.
      > > as a practice run.It was 2 pounds sugar 1/4 cup
      > > molasses,1/2 teaspoon
      > > yeast nutrient(old wine supply,could be no good?)and
      > > a tablespoon of
      > > RedStar bakers yeast(waiting on ec-1118 yeast)
      > That should be ok. Bakers yeast works great for me.
      > > a hot plate (1100
      > > watts)I start on high as it comes up in temp I cut
      > > it back to 3/4. My
      > way too much heat. That's the other reason why you
      > have no differentiation. Try coming up to temp slowly,
      > and finishing faster: not the other way round.
      > > question is am I running it to hot? I know I need
      > yes
      > > better yeast to get
      > > higher initial alcohol yield,but it seems I should
      > not necessarily. bakers should do that recipe.
      > > get a clearer
      > > seperation than what I got(not drinkable even after
      > > carbon filter),any
      > > idea's or help would be appreciated, thanks Rick
      > You seem to be heating so hard that everything poops
      > over at once. Slow down. Your major problem will be
      > controlling the heat input.
      > If you can, insert the boiler in a big pan of water
      > and heat that. Slowly.
      > Also, how does the exit tube leave your boiler? out
      > and straight down? try a bit more up, before it turns
      > down to the condenser.
      > Also (again) where are you measuring the temp? and
      > how?
      > Cheers,
      > Rob.
      > Cheers,
      > Rob.
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