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RE: [new_distillers] Where should the copper go ?

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  • D. C.
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 2 11:48 AM
      << Question is, should the copper come into contact with the ethanol
      actually IN the wash, or should it be when the ethanol is a vapour (mix the
      copper bits in with the S/S scrubbers used as packing in the column) ? >>

      I have found in my years of distilling, that when the vapor comes in contact
      with copper it imparts a flavor to the final product. I have also found
      that, while it does offer a bit of difference, copper in contact with the
      wash does not have as much of an effect.

      Therefore, due to my experiments and years of working knowledge, I have come
      to the conclusion that in order to gain the desirable flavoring that copper
      adds, it is beneficial to have copper in the area that the most vapor will
      be in contact with it.

      David M. Cunningham

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