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Re: [new_distillers] Re: fermentation expectations

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  • sonum norbu
    I m quite new at this also as my past endeavors have been concentrated on beer and wine. From Scots description, I seem to do exactly as he does and get
    Message 1 of 7 , Oct 2, 2005
      I'm quite new at this also as my past endeavors have been concentrated on
      beer and wine. From Scots description, I seem to do exactly as he does
      and get spectacular results. I use boiling water to dissolve the sugar,
      top it up with cold water giving a temp of about 26c and toss in the SS
      turbo yeast. Put the whole shebang into my tea chest fermentation box and
      WHAMMMMO!!! The og is around 130 and a week later it's 0.99 or less. It's
      always a bit slow to start a heavy ferment so maybe next time I'll add
      more boiling water to start it faster however, I do need time to get it
      from the house to the shed. :) Maybe it is a temp problem he has as our
      ambient temp seldom goes below 18c at this time of the year. There is
      nothing more frustrating than waiting for a ferment to start!!!!!!!

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      Like Derek says, your problem will be too cold a start. You need to
      follow ALL the instructions and especially the temp related ones. It
      is very important to pitch at the optimum temperature as this gets it
      multiplying and producing gas at a rate that prevents other organisms
      from taking hold. Turbo yeast always works if you follow directions -
      mine starts bubbling after 10 min! With mine (Still Spirits), it is
      made to be pitched at 30 deg C and run at around 22-25 deg.

      Another point, I presume you are using a high alcohol tolerant type
      because 8kg of sugar is a bit too high for the standard pack.


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      <jscott315@c...> wrote:
      > what can i expect from the fermenting process....maybe i am to
      > impatient....i have used 8 kg of sugar (completely disolved in 10 ltrs
      > of warm water) ....i filled my fermenting bucket to 25 ltrs cold water
      > with a spray nozzle to get plenty of air in the water...then poured in
      > a pack of turbo yeast and stirred for 1 minute like the directions say
      > to do....this was done 24 hrs ago and nothing seems to be
      > happening...could i have done something wrong....
      > please help, scott from dallas

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