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Re: [new_distillers] controlling head temperature

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  • Robert Thomas
    ... join the club! ... Only if you aren t driving the column too hard. ... There is also the problem of the column not coping. ie the pure alcohol part get
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 25, 2005
      --- Dean Thomas <deanlil@...> wrote:

      > Correct me if I'm wrong, and that is quite often.
      join the club!

      > But the temp at the top is influenced by the boiling
      > point of the vapour
      > at that point.
      Only if you aren't driving the column too hard.

      > And the more energy at the bottom
      > influences the rate
      > that the vapour rises up the column. So the more
      > heat you add the higher
      > the likelihood that the less volatile (higher
      > boiling point) vapours
      > will influence the temp at the top.
      There is also the problem of the column not coping. ie
      the "pure alcohol" part get compacted further and
      further towards the top of the fractionating column
      section until it disappears! No separation. Mind you,
      the column would flood before then I guess.

      > Hope that makes sense.
      Yes, but I managed to confuse it up for commentry!

      > Dean.

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