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  • Bill
    ... interested in getting started ... spending the time building a ... found the Brewhaus Essential ... web. It looks like a high quality ... have to babysit
    Message 1 of 6 , Jun 4, 2005
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      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "pakmule63" <pakmule@g...>
      > Hi all, I am new to the group and am looking for some help. I am
      interested in getting started
      > in home distilling but I really have little to no interest in
      spending the time building a
      > distiller. I really just want to get right down to it.
      > So I am looking to just buy a nice semi-professional distiller. I
      found the Brewhaus Essential
      > Extractor Pro Series II High Capacity Unit while searching the
      web. It looks like a high quality
      > unit and it seems to have a high throughput rate so I would not
      have to babysit it for hours
      > on end. Has anyone used one? If so, what are your opinions on it?
      Does it work right out of
      > the box or am I going to have to spend lot's of time modifying it
      to work correctly? Is there
      > another turnkey unit that you sould suggest instead?
      > Thanks in advance,
      > Pak
      I've been using the Pro Series II H.C. column for about a year now.
      I did not buy the whole unit, just the tower and condenser, hose kit
      and bung.
      I modified it to fit my boiler and it works flawlessly. I have it
      packed with copper and I get an average of 94% distillate at the
      rate of 1 QT. every 30-40 minutes.The top head temp stays extremely
      stable through the run. I still run the diluted spirit through
      carbon, and have a consistently excellent product.As far as any
      modifications right out of the box, I highly doubt you will have any
      difficulty assembling or running this unit. It is a good product
      from good people.
      I for one can highly recommend this unit. Good luck,-Big Bill
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