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Re: [new_distillers] Re: Cretan Raki

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  • Robert Thomas
    ... Cheers Harry, url helps! ... next project! (after the rotator cuff op!) ... Coming soon to a folder near here. Oh, and naturally everyone hates me, won t
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 2, 2005
      --- Harry <gnikomson2000@...> wrote:

      > You might be right Robert. Maybe nobody reads yer
      > posts. Then
      > again, maybe they couldn't find the photos. Links
      > help. :-))
      > http://tinyurl.com/8fmbx

      Cheers Harry, url helps!

      > (and I must admit somewhat purely because of
      > the "burco" boiler controler that seems to switch on
      > and off quite slowly)
      > ..................Lose it. It's a bi-metal strip
      > switch. It'll
      > only cause surge boiling and interfere with the
      > distilling action.
      > Get a sutronics burst-fire or similar. If you're
      > any good with
      > electronics, or know someone who is, there's
      > schematics etc. in the
      > files on distillers.

      next project! (after the rotator cuff op!)

      > ................Haven't seen it yet. Still no
      > digicam? Aside from
      > people not reading yer posts, they won't lend yer
      > anything either!

      Coming soon to a folder near here. Oh, and naturally
      everyone hates me, won't lend me anything, and won't
      read my posts, but I don't care, I have Raki!

      > Slainte!
      > regards Harry
      > ps
      > Yeah, we want to know how re the raki.
      OK, here goes the summary of stuff:
      Raki (aka tsikoudia) Cretan spirit similar to Italian
      Grappa, ca 38-42percent.

      grapes (preferably seedless) are pressed, and the
      whole lot fermented to completion (min 20 days)at 20
      The whole lot is tipped into the still (potstill) and
      150kg grapes yields 25-30 litres of raki.
      foreshots are 0.3-1.5percent/wt
      tails about the same (distilled till 5percent EtOH)
      tails are redistilled.
      Cuts are by taste/smell
      time is 2hours.
      200-300kg wood used in the fire
      the boiler is ca 40cm diam, 120cm high, filled to the
      The head is shaped like an inverted smokers' pipe, ca
      50cm high.
      The condenser is either a straight or coiled tube
      submerged in a water tank.

      Thyme twigs are layed at the bottom prior to filling
      the boiler to prevent the goods burning.
      Heat up is "slow" to allow separation of the

      The good should be sloppy.

      That's the general summary. Salient points are:
      All the grape pressings are used (ie not a byproduct
      of wine making)
      no, or at least no broken seeds to prevent meths

      I'm going back in September, when I'll hopefully get
      to see a distillation thru, for more refined info.


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