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Re: [new_distillers] rum wash

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  • Roderick Holmes
    Rick, It is my understanding that too much molasses and/or sugar creates an osmotic pressure that stresses out the yeast. It is suggested not to create a wash
    Message 1 of 7 , May 23, 2005

      It is my understanding that too much molasses and/or sugar creates an osmotic pressure that stresses out the yeast. It is suggested not to create a wash that has higher than a 6-8% alcohol potential. To go higher than that, you run the risk of a stalled fermentation. I read that the commercial rum makers don't risk going higher because they will have a lot of money tied up in the molasses and sugars to risk a stalled fermentation.

      That being said, you should not expect the high ABV that the turbo can give you when you run a sugar only wash. Figure half of the molasses has fermentable sugar and calculate how much you need to make a final wash at 6-8%. I have used rapid rise and bread machine yeast in the past and it worked well. Got me a wash around -10.5% because I added more sugar than I should have.

      I used the recipe of

      9lb sugar

      1/2 gal molassas

      2.25 oz rapid rise yeast

      topped up with water to 20 L

      Specific Gravity was 1.115

      The above had a higher specific gravity than suggested. It should have not started out higher than 1.080. The end result of the above was that the fermentation stopped at 10.5 %. It had a potential to go higher but bread yeast will not usually go much higher than that. End result was some wasted sugar.

      Do the math or go to the homedistiller website and use the calculators to figure how much sugar and/or molasses you need.

      Just thought I would share my experience/mistake with you so you can make adjustments for your next wash.

      Here are a couple of quantities off the homedistiller website:

      Agricultural' Rum for the Homedistiller (high alcohol)

      5.5 kg (12.5 lb) white sugar and 1.5 kg (3.3 lb. Or less than 1/2 gal) molasses for 20 l water

      This is equivalent to 310 g sugar/litre

      Traditional ('Industrial') Rum for the Homedistiller (high alcohol)

      4 kg molasses and 4 kg white sugar for 20 l water

      This is equivalent to 300 g sugar/litre

      Warm regards on ice,


      rckstrang <rickstrang@...> wrote:
      G/Day All,
      I am Rick and have been in the wrong group that being the advanced
      I have been distilling rum for a couple of months now useing a pot
      My wash has been 4lt mollases 6kg raw sugar make up to 25lt water add
      1pkt 48hr turbo yeast all has gone smoothly.
      I decided to do a wash all mollasses.
      I used 16lt mollases 10 lt water same turbo yeast.
      While it seems to be working as it has a sort of a head on the top it
      is not all that active in fact it is very/very slow.
      I took the lid off and gave it a good stir and it seemed to grow about
      1 to 2 lt almost instantly and when I put the lid back on it bubbled
      quite strongly for about a minute then slowed to almost nothing again.
      Is this normal or do I need to add a spirit yeast or somthing.
      All help appreciated.

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