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Re: [new_distillers] Re: Instructions for making a double helix condensor

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  • Alex _{*L*}_ (a.k.a. BOKAKOB)
    Here how I did it. For 2 diameter copper pipe. 1. Take a toilet broom handle and become familir with it :) 2. Take a roll of quarter-inch soft copper tubing
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      Here how I did it. For 2" diameter copper pipe.
      1. Take a toilet broom handle and become familir with it :)
      2. Take a roll of quarter-inch soft copper tubing
      3. S-L-O-W-L-Y start at an angle 45* use rubber gloves and/or thin sand paper on the broom handle to hold the tube. As you have two turns you may adjust this 45* skew to be perpendicular.
      4. When you have 2 turns done - forget about being slow, just be assured in firm S-T-E-A-D-Y winding speed. Exsert tension on the tube as you wind.
      5. Wind as much as you need (for my still it is only total of 5~6 feet)
      6. As you get to the end of your first layer - just start winding over it going backward.
      7. At the end you may have a few choices:
      a) terminals stick 90* to your coil - easiest
      b) file 45* the ends and solder at right angles pointing down - needs skills
      c) use the same broom the bend terminals down - needs luck

      markapp <markapp@...> wrote:
      never built one but have worked with copper tube. form coils around
      objects like a piece of pipe or other cylinders that will give the
      size you want. there are coil spring sleeve benders available that
      will help you to hand bend without kinking. a seperate size for each
      size tube must fit snugly.try to bend the same way the tube was
      rolled in the package. do not over work such as straighten then
      rebend. If using the spring you can space the wind with a small gap
      to remove the spring or slide it on and later try to push the loops
      together more. take your time friend it always helps. you may be able
      to use bending tools to make sharper bends like the end of the coil
      etc.these form the tube around a radius with a grove in it to support
      the tube to prevent crush or kink. you can fill the tube with dry
      fine sand or salt to help reduce the kink or collaps then pour out
      the fill. In a pinch you can also get small fittings the size of any
      tube from a refrigeration supply to make the sharp bends and solder
      them. for an experienced copper hand i still think these desighns
      look rather difficult to construct just an opinion. with luck a
      master like alex who has such beutiful copper work in his photos may
      give better advice. --- In
      new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "vickypoint2003"
      <vickypoint2003@y...> wrote:
      > Is anyone out there aware of instructions/diagrams/techniques
      > available for the making of a double helix condenser for a Bokakob
      > still head or similar.
      > Thanks

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