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Re: Copper

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  • ups474@aol.com
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    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 12, 2000
      --- In new_distillers@egroups.com, Stevensgang@w... wrote:
      > Tony! I was looking for some copper to build the whole still with. I
      > just thought if I was going to do it I may as well go all out. And
      > a family heirloom. All those pics you've been showing have got me
      > up to build something nice! I can find some places up here to buy
      > copper from but I just ain't priced any yet! I just thought maybe
      > had an idea on price. No biggie. As far as patterns go i guess the
      > is the limit. But I'll make sure to incorporate some kind of a goose
      > neck it sounds kinda important for the reflux factor. Though I am
      > strictly interested in a pot-still. Can I actually braze with a
      > propane torch or is that strictly for soldering? I'm trying to find
      > old elec. or gas stove to set up out in the garage as my heat
      source. My
      > present heat soure is an elec. hot plate it does O.K. sorta. it
      takes a
      > long time to run off a little bit. Well thanks for taking the time
      > listen to my thoughts and for all the help you've give me
      Trying to
      > run a bead somewhere in the U.S. See ya!!!!

      ---I looked into a large chain store that sells a few pieces of sheet
      metal. Be ready for an unpleasant suprise when you price the copper
      sheeting. a 2'by 4' piece of copper costs about $25US on the west
      coast. Your "family heirloom" may quickly turn into the "family
      fortune" If you can find a scrap metal dealer, he will have it
      cheaper. If you can find an old hot water heater (an antique) you
      might be in luck, some older models were made up of a copper boiler
      with a sheet metal covering. If you can get one, you will have a
      ready made boiler once you remove the covering. Good luck!
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