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RE: [new_distillers] Re: Carlsberg Tuborg keg spear removal

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  • greg tufts
    I have a draft keg which had a threaded spear. My machinist buddie cut up the spear and welded (bronzed I believe) the spear threaded portion to a standard 2
    Message 1 of 7 , Mar 23, 2005
      I have a draft keg which had a threaded spear.
      My machinist buddie cut up the spear and welded
      (bronzed I believe)
      the spear threaded portion to a standard 2 inch
      copper pipe. See the photos at link below.
      As stages of this are completed, will add appropriate
      cost of job, 1 quart of product
      ain't life grand ?
      --- Brendan Keith <bkeith@...> wrote:

      Your interpretation was correct. The system was no
      longer pressurized.

      It seems that there is a very small catch just inside
      the gas valve, the
      outer ring. You have to press the ring down and slip
      a thin screwdriver
      into this ramp-like slot. Viewed from the top, there
      are two tabs on the
      spear. One is stamped "R". The catch is at about 4
      o'clock from that tab.
      Leave the screwdriver in place and screw out the
      spear. It should lift
      right out. If it is still stuck, you haven't hit the

      I think this is going to be a very good way to attach
      a column. The spear's
      dip tube can be removed leaving just the threaded
      shell. The shell can be
      turned upside down, revealing about 2" of 1-3/4"
      stainless pipe that a
      column can be brazed to. Then it can be screwed back
      down onto the keg.
      Suitable for clean washes, anyway.

      Don't worry about privacy. Hopefully someone can
      search on this in the
      future and find the solution.
      Brendan Keith

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      From: Robert Thomas [mailto:whosbrewing@...]
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      keg spear removal

      Hi Brendan,
      I'm keeping this off air, as I don't want to be seen
      to be (a) an expert, and (b) an idiot, and (c) a
      It's been a while since I illegally tampered with
      (yes, wherever you bought it, it still belongs to
      If this has a depression in the head of the spear,
      the whole thing screws into a raised flange on the
      keg, then it narrows down the posiblities.
      Am I ok so far?
      The spear unscrews untill there's a small gap
      the spear and keg head.???
      Are you hitting metal when you pull straight up? (ie
      no gasket)
      Have you pulled while turning the spear round? (ie
      wings to engage with holes)
      If you can't get a screwdriver in the gap there's no

      AHHH! Have you released the pressure? BE VERY
      screw back in. Get a towel + screwdriver. Outside,
      cover everything with the towel. Push the centre of
      the spear with the screwdriver. You should get loads
      of beer/foam/gas out if it's pressurised. It's a
      safety feature to prevent you removing the spear
      under pressure. Outherwise the spear becomes an

      Try all that and let me know.

      As an aside, my boiler (ex-keg) started life as a
      beer-wort boiler. So it has a level tube, side entry
      drain cock, 2x1500W 240V elements and a huge hole
      inthe top for filling/cleaning.
      The hole was bigger than needed, and a pain for
      use. Still column with big flat disk welded on +
      silicon on the boiler + flour paste for certainty
      clamped down with a wooden frame above tyhe flange
      below the boiler and this is great.

      Cheers, Rob.

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