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Re: coffee pot: cleaning the aluminum, and adding a potentiometer to the element

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  • mickm2au
    ... a 1500 ... pressure ... it ... coffee ... get ... so it ... the ... already. ... Henry.... A Potentiometer big enough to control 1500 watts is just not
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 26, 2005
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      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, Henry Stamp <henrystamp@g...>
      > hi everyone, i've just bought a 6 gallon aluminum coffee pot with
      a 1500
      > watt element in the base that i want to modify to replace my
      > cooker for my home pot still. i need a couple pieces of advice:
      > 1) whats the best cleaning agent for the aluminum pot? vinegar?
      > needs a good scrubbing to get rid of the mildew smell and the
      > residue.
      > 2) any suggestions on what size potentiometer i'd need to get to
      > some fine control over the 1500 watt element? i'm in the states,
      so it
      > 115 volts. i can probably ask at the electronic parts store down
      > street, but i figured one of you guys had probably done this
      > thanks.
      > --
      > --henry


      A Potentiometer big enough to control 1500 watts is just not
      available or practical. You need to buy a suitable electronic Power
      Controller or a Variable Transformer with a rating of 15 amps. The
      electronic controller would be much cheaper unless you can find a
      second hand variable transformer in a junk store.


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