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  • reima@optusnet.com.au
    Say Hans have you checked out this site about activated carbon. http://www.ibrew.com.au/html/spirits/spiritset.html or their
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2001
      Say Hans have you checked out this site about activated carbon.
      http://www.ibrew.com.au/html/spirits/spiritset.html or their
      seems you that you filter with a high alcohol content, should be
      around 48%.
      That massive tower 150mm Dia. is the reason you produce so much in
      short time.
      Most of us have only a 50mm Dia. tower and get around 0,35 ltrs/hr.
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      I tested my new tower (msg 1118 new distillers) for the first time on
      a friends boiler and used the 4 * 1500 watt jug elements (6000 watts)
      to bring the wash up to boiling point at which time we switched 2 off
      and used the other 2- (3000 watts) for the distillation.
      His boiler is 300 mm in dia, and I have marbles in the tower. At best
      we got 3 ltrs per hr. at the start of the collection I could see the
      odd wisp of vapour coming out of the condenser. It did not cause any
      problems, and we left both elements on, but I wonder if the tower was
      right on the edge of flooding? What do you think. I have nearly
      finished building my boiler made from a milk receiving can. It is
      400mm in dia and holds 100 Ltrs. (3 * 25 Ltr brewing barrels plus 1/4
      space for foam, expansion etc).I am installing 2 * 3000 watt double
      bladed hot water cylinder elements. i.e. each unit has 2 separate
      1500 elements. My question is this. If it was on the edge of flooding
      before? what will it do now with a larger surface area.
      I hope at some time to use s/s pot scrubbers. Where can I get enough
      pot scrubbers to fill the tower 150mm dia * 600mm long cheap enough.
      Does it make much difference if you use budget or 3M scrubbers.
      When testing I put a copper plate in the boiler and stripped some
      electrical wire and folded it back and forth over 250mm and inserted
      it in the 50 mm tube above the heat transfer plate in the tower and
      in the vapour stream before the condenser. I have been reading about
      copper pot scrubbers, Where do I find them, I don't think you mean
      goldilocks scrubbers.
      The final 91%abv was after carbon treatment certainly allot cleaner
      tasting than the bad tasting 75%abv I was getting from the old store
      bought still. I only realise this now after reaching this higher
      plane so to speak. I read that people getting no smell and no taste
      in their 90 plus abv.(It can't taste like water surely) Although the
      ethanol has very little smell It has what I would call not strong,
      but clean taste of alcohol or ethanol.When you take a sip, after
      about 10 mins your mouth feels dry. Does this make sense and has it
      come out right? Do people mean no bad tastes and smells.Without the
      benefit of tasting another's product I seem to be a bit in dark. Let
      me run this by you, once cut down to 51abv (filled the 20 ltr
      container to the brim, accually 22Ltrs I put 1/2 packet of primary
      carbon in for 2 days, then put the whole amount through one charge of
      carbon in a Z filter which I used for the first time.Took about 18
      hours.I have been told that carbon sucks up the ugles for 2 days
      then starts spitting them out again. Does this make sence?

      Your article the other day Tony was brilliant, probably something a
      lot of us newbys come to slowly understand but needed someone to tell
      us what we already thought we knew.
      "What you wanted to know about how to run a still but were too afraid
      to ask".
      I do have one question though, what could happen if you cut off the
      cooling water before the temperature gets down to 60 deg.
      One last question for this session, I would like to store the alcohol
      in glass. But how do you feel about storing it in stainless steel. I
      have 2 * s/s 60 ltr LPG cylinders I could use for this.
      Thanks in advance,

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