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Re: [Distillers] Hard apple cider

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    hard cider is just regular cider that has been allowed to ferment. sometimes helped along with brown sugar and raisins. Quick hard cider recipe Do you ever
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 29, 2000
      hard cider is just regular cider that has been allowed to ferment. sometimes
      helped along with brown sugar and raisins.

      Quick hard cider recipe
      Do you ever have the problem of running out of wine or other alcoholic
      beverages at large religious festivals? Are you tired of the constant buying
      of wine at high prices? There is one fool-proof hard cider recipe that
      anyone can make in one month. One time I bought a hard cider brewing kit,
      made it and it tasted ok but was too dry for me. I went to a meeting at a
      brewing club and was told that the simplest way to make hard cider was to
      take a 5 gallon carboy (large glass bottle the kind that used to be used for
      water years ago) fill it with apple cider, pitch, or put in two packets of
      wine yeast (do not use bread yeast otherwise it will taste very bad) and let
      it sit for a month.

      To make this hard cider a few things must be in order to ensure the batch
      does not turn out bad. First, sterilize the bottle either with iodine or
      with one cap bleach mixed with water, then rinse very well. Pour in the
      apple cider, fresh squeezed not from store. (You can get this from any apple
      orchard and have them pour it in for you). With the cider in the jug put in
      the two packets of wine yeast. Shaking is not necessary. You'll need a
      blowoff tube. The blowoff tube is simply a clear plastic tube about the
      diameter of a cigar. Take the blowoff tube and stick it into a cork with a
      hole in it just large enough to squeeze the tube into. Put the cork in the
      hole of the bottle and the other end of the tube in a bucket of clean water.
      The reason for this is to allow the air created from the yeast to escape
      without letting air into the carboy, which would spoil the batch making it
      very sour.

      The carboy should be kept in a cool dark place but not the refrigerator. I
      doubt it would even fit there anyways. A closet is a good place. You should
      check on it every day or so as sometimes the cork pops off from the
      pressure. Let's say for instance that you put on the cork on but had no hole
      in it with the blow off tube sticking out of it, the cork would pop off and
      you'd have hard cider all over the walls, ceiling and floor and possible you
      from the cork blowing off. After the month is over siphon the nectar of the
      Gods into a clean carboy, large punchbowl or whatever you're going to use to
      hold it for the ritual. If you know something about bottling you can bottle
      it but that is a different set of procedures. When siphoning the mixture out
      be sure not to disturb the carboy too much otherwise you'll stir the yeast
      (thick white layer on inside bottom of carboy) up which will cloud the cider
      and make it taste bad. One good way to siphon the mixture is to use a
      racking tube which is a hard clear plastic tube long enough to go to the
      bottom of the carboy but you want to get what's above the thick white layer
      on the bottom.

      1. Put cider in carboy
      2. pitch yeast
      3. put on cork & blow off tube
      4. stick blowoff tube end in water
      5. forget about it mostly for a month
      6. after a month siphon it into another clean carboy
      7. Do ritual and party hardy
      This is a simple error-proof method of making hard cider. You can do the
      same thing with any fresh squeezed fruit juice. This mixture will be "alive"
      from the yeast as opposed to the dead wine you buy at the local liquor
      store. We are a people who revere life, shouldn't we be putting life into

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      > Hi Louie, What do you mean by hard apple cider? Is this distilling apple
      > cider.
      > Louie Belle wrote:
      > > Hi Louie here, I just want to know if anyone has any good recipies for
      > > making Hard Apple Cider. And any other information on making Hard Apple
      > > Cider. Any help on this subject would be greatly appreciated.
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      > > Many Thanks
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      > > Louie
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