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RE: [new_distillers] MY FEW QUESTIONS...please answer

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  • Ackland, Tony (CALNZAS)
    ... See http: homedistiller.org wash-sugar.htm Basically, you only want to use about 200-250g of sugar per litre of water. So, to make 20L, dissolve 5kg of
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 25 4:19 PM
      > 1. For a ferment do u put in sugar,yeast,and water. If you do add
      > water how much, and how much of the other stuff.

      See http:\\homedistiller.org\wash-sugar.htm
      Basically, you only want to use about 200-250g of sugar per litre of water.
      So, to make 20L, dissolve 5kg of sugar in some boiling water, add about 100g
      of yeast nutrients, and then top up to 20L with cold water. Only add the
      yeast when its all less than about 28C

      > 2. How do u make sure you get no methonol in your alcohol, i have
      > read that you throw away the first 50ml of a 20L wash, but will this
      > work.

      Yes. See http:\\homedistiller.org\methanol.htm
      Most of the meths will come out of the still first. Thats why you collect &
      throw away this first portion.

      You can do this even more effectively by running your reflux column under
      "total reflux" (eg return all the vapour as liquid back down through the
      column) for a while, and then only bleed off the foreshots at a very slow

      > 3. In a pot still do you have the thermometer in the liquid in the
      > boiling pot or in the vapour in the boiling pot.

      In the vapour. The vapour temperature is a measure of its purity.
      See http:\\homedistiller.org\theory.htm You're interested in the purity of
      the vapour that you're collecting, not the purity of the wash remaining in
      the pot.

      > 4. If i don't have a slobber box in my still setup will i get crud
      > coming out at the end.

      Not if you've left enough headroom in the pot. See
      http:\\homedistiller.org\dtw.htm - leave about 1/4 of the pot empty as
      headspace, so that if foam does happen, it wont get pushed out the outlet.
      But if you've filled it all the way up to the lid - yeah - crud will come
      out it.

      > 5. How do i know when the yeast and sugar and stuff is done
      > fermenting, or how long do i leave it sit for.

      See http:\\homedistiller.org\ferment.htm
      The best method is to measure the specific gravity (SG) or density of the
      liquid. Adding sugar to water makes it denser, as it ferments to alcohol,
      it becomes lighter. you want to finish with an SG of around 0.985 - 0.990
      You can by a hydrometer for this at any homebrew beer or winemaking shop
      (they're cheap).
      Alternatively, wait until you no longer are getting bubbles frequently
      coming out the waterlock. This should take about 4 days to 1 week

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