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RE: [new_distillers] $$$$

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  • Tony & Elle Ackland
    Sorry, I don t know about sheet Cu. I ve just been pricing up some tubing here (I m about to build a Nixon/Stone style head for my Still Spirits 20L
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 17, 2000
      Sorry, I don't know about sheet Cu. I've just been pricing up some tubing
      here (I'm about to build a Nixon/Stone style head for my "Still Spirits
      20L Reflux"), and its going to be about NZ$40/m for some 1.25 inch diam,
      and about NZ$15/m for some 3/16 (NZ$1 = US$0.48 and dropping ....) Or at
      least these are the prices a local plumber is telling me .. I don't know if
      hes got a mark-up on them.

      What do you want sheet for ? Just use what-ever is convienient for the
      boiler - an old hot water cylinder, or milk cans, or the like. Something
      with a lid that seals well. Some people use large diameter pipe, and weld
      a plate over each end. Others weld two large bowls mouth-to-mouth. Hell,
      mines just a plastic bucket ! Thats why I started putting up the photos -
      to give you an idea of what others have used. Just make sure you can get
      into it to clean it, and be easy to empty too (a wee valve on the bottom ?)

      I haven't seen any patterns for pot stills - most people seem able just to
      improvise. The fancy bit is how to do the necking, and what angle to put
      the lyne arm on. (Is this where you want the sheet for ?) I'm guessing
      here - but i surmise you could do the same job as a swans neck by simply
      having a bit more of an upward angle on the first part of the lyne arm -
      the reason for the neck-in then-out is to drop out a bit of the vapour so
      as to get a little reflux happening, and lighten the spirit. If you have
      the first part of the arm facing upward, a little bit will condense on it,
      and then run back into the pot doing the same job. But it means you can
      have a far easier job of building it.

      Only go for a pot still if you are starting with grains, and heading
      towards making like bourbon/whiskey. If you instead want to make a neutral
      spirit, use a reflux still. This lets you use whatever starting materials
      you have (sugar is usually cheapest & best), and will purify it up to 95 %
      ish. For reflux designs, either buy the "Making Gin & Vodka" book (good
      value for money - US$8), or the Stillmaker design (links to both off my

      I'm guessing most would be about 5 gal, though I have absolutely no idea.


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      Tony! Hi! Was wondering if you know how much a sheet of copper costs
      U.S.? are their any good patterns for building one?[a still] I've got an
      old pattern from fox-fire. Well some of it. Its a little vague. Do you
      know what gauge [U.S.] ? Are most of these old pot-stills that have
      been showing up on your site 5gal. stills or just how big are they? I
      was thinking of trying to build one about 20gal. Well thanks for
      listening Talk to you later!!

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