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Re: Need some advise on a still (amended)

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  • bradpk2002
    Great advice!!! Thanks a million Peet! Brad
    Message 1 of 18 , Sep 20, 2004
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      Great advice!!! Thanks a million Peet!

      > I fitted a female fitting to the top of the column, and male to the
      > bottom of the column. Male to the bottom of the head, and female to
      > the top of the boiler. That way any drips just keep going down the
      > column into the still, male at the top of the column and alc will
      > seep out...!!
      > No need for rubber seals its not under pressure and that many turns
      > is plenty for a good enough seal.
      > If you keep with the idea of the column having female on the top end
      > and male on the bottom you can attach them in series if you make
      > more than one or swap em round, thats what I do ....
      > I'm sure if you go to a plumbing supply and say you need extend a
      > length of 2" copper pipe they can show you the right bits. If you
      > think they'll be suspicious, say you're extending 1/2" pipe then go
      > somewhere else and get the same type of parts for 2".
      > good luck
      > peet
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