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Re: [new_distillers] Right angle ¼” Needle Valves to a 2" copper cap

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  • Dick
    In message , hydrografix@yahoo.com writes ... Hi Bill, Don t know if it ll work in your set up but I m using a foot mounted needle
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 4, 2001
      In message <9pdb98+1v4n@...>, hydrografix@... writes
      > I am currently building a valved reflux still and have some
      > problems sourcing suitable needle valves in the UK and then
      > fitting right angle ¼" Needle Valves to a 2" copper cap
      > so they are flush with the inside of the cap and the outlet to go to
      > 8mm copper pipe.
      > Please does anyone have any ideas
      Hi Bill,
      Don't know if it'll work in your set up but I'm using a foot mounted
      needle valve (Radiospares # 262-0713) mounted below the horizontal leg of
      a Nixon-Stone condenser head. The needle valve is connected to a ¼"
      BSP male - male stud coupling (RS # 234-8821) mounted in the bottom of
      this leg via a short length (1½") of ¼" OD copper tube. I cut a wide slot
      across the end of the stud coupling inside the horizontal leg, the bottom of
      this slot being flush with the inside surface of the tube & orientated fore & aft
      before being soldered in place. Reason - to ensure that the condensed
      distillate flows over the reflux outlet rather than round it. If you've not been
      there RS have an excellent web site & you can order items on-line from it.
      Hope info is of use.
      Fra' Auld Reekie
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