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Re: Tails? Thanks Grayson!

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  • Ricky
    Very nice explaination that I could understand, Thanks Clash ... the ... would ... down ... some ... can t ... achiving ... slower
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 24, 2004
      Very nice explaination that I could understand, Thanks


      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "grayson_stewart66"
      <grayson_stewart66@y...> wrote:
      > <clash_o_thunder@y...> wrote:
      > > Hey folks, I think I might be missing something here. I don't
      > quite understand why it is that a person would want to be saving
      > tails.
      > To get what usable alcohol is left in those tails out in the
      > next distillation.
      > > All I hear is it's just something to dump into the next batch.
      > Where does this maddness end? When you have a boiler full of tails?
      > Say for example you have reached the tails phase of a
      > distillation. Now assume that if you continued to collect all the
      > tails until reaching 100 degrees C. As you collected these tails
      > you numbered the containers 1,2, 3, 4 and so on. Container #1
      > have a greater percentage of usable alcohol in those tails than
      > container #2. This decreasing amount of alcohol would continue
      > to the last container where it would be almost negligible.
      > Just as with most everything else in life you have a personal
      > choice to make here. How much energy and time do you want to exert
      > to get to try and wring every last drop of alcohol out of that
      > particular distillation. Personally, it just wouldn't be worth it
      > to me and I would only collect one or two containers of high proof
      > tails to add back to the next batch.
      > I understand if making Whiskeys and the like that one might use
      > > for flavor. But, when looking to achive a pure spirit I just
      > > see it. Also when temps begin to rise, is it so that one can take
      > > this product slower from the still and safely bite into these
      > tails a
      > > bit and still preserve purity, smell and such?
      > Temperatures begin to rise because there is a decreasing
      > concentration of alcohol in the mixture. Since you mention
      > a pure spirit, I'll assume a reflux column is used. By going
      > once the temperature begins to rise, the amount of reflux is
      > increased and the percentage of alcohol at the top of the column is
      > increased. So the answer is "yeah, kinda". As long as a person
      > didn't collect beyond a particular temperature they could be
      > resonably sure there were no tails in that collection.
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